Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro Freehold

I don’t understand the price, it’s baffling. Cumin, Ginger, Mustard Oil are main spices. The first time I had them, they were amazing. Second time, just ok. At this price I won’t try again.

Lamb does carry a premium price at most restaurants on this side of the pond. Especially if you consider portion sizes, a normal order would be two double cut pieces probably 6-8oz of actual meat.

Honestly I don’t know why I keep eating these now $9 each lamb chops except they are still the best lamb chops I ever had. We also had Butter Chicken, Lamb Biryani, and garlic naan.


$9, per single cut aka $18 double? That’s not too outrageous especially if they are great. How are they prepared I would go there and just get those, maybe some tandor chicken.


Typical Indian yogurt and spices marinade on the lamb chops. They just get it right.


I have yet to eat a better lamb chop.


I haven’t had the one at Aarzu but IMHO a simple lamb chop on the grill with salt and pepper is perfection. Anything else would seem to mask the distinctive natural flavor.

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@bgut1, I agree with you about keeping lamb chops on the grill simple. In addition to freshly ground black pepper, while kosher salt is fine, I also like to use garlic salt instead.

Now, roasting a rack of lamb is a whole other thing. I dress it up with a layer of Dijon mustard topped with spiced bread crumbs.

As for the lamb chops at Aarzu, they are spectacular and very much akin to those prepared by well-known NYC’s Indian Chef Hemant Mathur, a Master of the Tandoor. They are his signature. The fact that Aarzu’s measure up to his is, IMO, a huge compliment.


High praise indeed. I think I now need to try them. Thanks @RGR.

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That’s OK… I’m not insulted that you didn’t trust me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry @CurlzNJ. No offense. @RGR and I go way back. lol

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@bgut1, Yes, it has been a long time! I trust all is well with you, Mrs. bgut1, and your boys.

@CurlzNJ, My comments about the lamb we’re definitely not meant to disparage your opinion in any way. My comparison to Hemant’s chops was only to explain to bgut1 why I think so highly of Aarzu’s.

NO worries, Roz and @bgut1 ! I was just busting you. :blush:

Chopgate 2021. Soon they will be $48 for 3 chops.

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