Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro Freehold

Honestly I don’t know why I keep eating these now $9 each lamb chops except they are still the best lamb chops I ever had. We also had Butter Chicken, Lamb Biryani, and garlic naan.


$9, per single cut aka $18 double? That’s not too outrageous especially if they are great. How are they prepared I would go there and just get those, maybe some tandor chicken.


Typical Indian yogurt and spices marinade on the lamb chops. They just get it right.


I have yet to eat a better lamb chop.


I haven’t had the one at Aarzu but IMHO a simple lamb chop on the grill with salt and pepper is perfection. Anything else would seem to mask the distinctive natural flavor.

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@bgut1, I agree with you about keeping lamb chops on the grill simple. In addition to freshly ground black pepper, while kosher salt is fine, I also like to use garlic salt instead.

Now, roasting a rack of lamb is a whole other thing. I dress it up with a layer of Dijon mustard topped with spiced bread crumbs.

As for the lamb chops at Aarzu, they are spectacular and very much akin to those prepared by well-known NYC’s Indian Chef Hemant Mathur, a Master of the Tandoor. They are his signature. The fact that Aarzu’s measure up to his is, IMO, a huge compliment.


High praise indeed. I think I now need to try them. Thanks @RGR.

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That’s OK… I’m not insulted that you didn’t trust me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry @CurlzNJ. No offense. @RGR and I go way back. lol

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@bgut1, Yes, it has been a long time! I trust all is well with you, Mrs. bgut1, and your boys.

@CurlzNJ, My comments about the lamb we’re definitely not meant to disparage your opinion in any way. My comparison to Hemant’s chops was only to explain to bgut1 why I think so highly of Aarzu’s.

NO worries, Roz and @bgut1 ! I was just busting you. :blush:

Chopgate 2021. Soon they will be $48 for 3 chops.


Well well well………our friend here Mr. @seal has been insisting that I must try the lamb chops here, somehow the stars aligned and our schedules allowed us to meet up.

I was getting into Indian food about 15 years ago but after a few unpleasant gestational experiences I stopped. On his recommendation I risked the potential consequences and let him order.

(I do not know the technical names)

First let me say the place was very nicely appointed. My prior experiences were places with faux panel walls from the 70’s with Bollywood piped in. Not here! The nicest dining room of this nature I’ve seen modern, sleek yet not over the top cheesy.

We started with a fried eggplant dish with pomegranate and vegetables in some balsamic-like (but not) and yogurt dressing. WOW DELICIOUS!!!

Next up was the naam (?) flatbread. Once again WOW DELICIOUS, so much better than any I remember. We ordered garlic that came with a green hot pepper sauce. The bread itself had great garlic and spicy flavor, the green pepper sauce kicks it up a few notches!!!

The infamous lamb chops are next. They are marinated in a yogurt sauce and grilled, the best way to describe is WOW DELICIOUS!!! I’ve never had lamb prepared this way but it certainly works and is excellent. (deserving of the $36 price for 4 single cuts) Only issue was they were well done, would have preferred medium at the most, medium rare for perfection.

Lastly at this feast was some lamb rice thing. Guess what?? It was good!! (Fooled ya) Seriously once again a fantastic dish.

The balance of the variety of spices is amazing. I ate an entire side of the green chili sauce. I literally “Put that sh*t on everything” .

I was stuffed with a lot of excellent food but we did finish everything then brought take out home for the brides.

One of the best all around meals I’ve had in a long, long, time. Service was very good as well. I suggest calling in advance for one of their comfy looking large circular booths. The two top table was certainly adequate but no comparison to the booths.

Hats off to @seal you did not steer me wrong!! Thank you!!

(My apologies the onset of my food coma caused me to forget to take the pic when first served)


I am soooooo excited that you enjoyed it so much! It’s been far too long since I’ve been there, and honestly, I could go by myself and just eat the eggplant dish and those lamb chops and be stuffed and happy!


We haven’t been there since before the pandemic but the butter chicken app (maybe some other preparation) was to die for


Me do good? Yay!!!

And that last thing we had was a lamb Biryani.


I’m thinking we may need a HOdown…

I second that thought!

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I fourth that!! ( I was never good at math)


I’m glad you had no gestational consequences from this meal. "Cuz then, you’d be the first man in history to get pregnant! Whoa!! You’d be famous, and we can say, yeah. We know that guy!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold