A message from your NJ Moderator during the covid19 pandemic

My Friends & Fellow NJ Ho’s,

To say these are trying times would be an understatement. For those of you who have come to understand my personality I hope you have found I try to view life through a humorous lens. I like to lead with a laugh when I can. However even the eternal optimists as myself have to face the reality of certain situations that the gravity of which cannot be made fun of. Outside of 9/11 this is the second time in my life I find myself in a situation I cannot make light of, cannot joke about and certainly cannot lead with a laugh through.

One of the reasons I jumped at the opportunity to join this site, and when asked to be a moderator, was because of the sense of community the smaller start up site provided. I’m truthfully proud of the work I’ve put into recruiting and cultivating our little section of the foodie world here on our NJ Board.

With that being said, I cannot ignore the fact(s) that there can be some in our community who are hurting, scared or even worse hungry. If you need someone to talk to PM me, if you want someone to distract you or try to lift your spirits PM me. If your current financial situation is leaving you without the ability to provide yourself or your family a meal PM me. I cannot feed the world, but I can feed you and/or your family for a night. If the need(s) outweigh the resources then I may ask for help, but for now if you need a meal PM me. I will figure a way to get you something to eat within 24 hours, even if I have to drive it to you myself. (with gloves and a mask)

A few caveats; (because I have little faith in my fellow man

*You must be an established member
*This has to be a pre-made meal I can pick up and deliver /door dash etc… I cannot go grocery shopping etc. for you.
*You must be within an hour radius of Monmouth County NJ
*I must like you. (so it looks like everyone except for @seal should be eligible)
*Only request for repayment will be a prayer for our fellow neighbors

With that being said I do pray you and yours are fairing well. As mentioned above if there is ANYTHING I can do to be of comfort, please feel free to reach out. I will do my best. As the saying goes; “This too shall pass”

God bless and regards,
NotJr / Bob


Not to make light of your heartfelt offer of assistance, but …

Just where do you draw the line because I could use a blubber rub.

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{{sigh}} and you wonder why you were excluded?


Well, if I must be serious for a minute …

I am on Spring Break next week and CAN go food shopping for you if you are in need. DM me.


Could you pick me up a few things from La Boqueria?


I’d like to hop on that order, please! :heart_eyes:

And @NotJrvedivici you can TRY to have a tough exterior, but now everyone knows what a sweetheart you are (I already knew)! Seriously lovely offer and I’m happy to make the same to folks in the AP area to save you some driving.

Hang in, everyone. We WILL get through this and we WILL break bread (and open bottles) together at what I hope will be our most epic HODown yet!


This is why I love being a part of the community. You are, as they say in my family, a true mensch


I kid him a lot. In fact, that’s kind of my job around here, but …

the truth is @NotJrvedivici is a man of good character.

( Dont tell him I said so )

What?? He can read this?? Dammit!!


I’m use to being told I’m a character alright! I take that with a grain of salt of course!


Awesome post! I’ll echo from my little corner of Aberdeen. I cook every night and could absolutely pack some to go. Contactless pickup or delivery of course! And I wash my hand even when we aren’t in a pandemic. Thanks for the words @NotJrvedivici


You are welcome! My best to you and the family stay safe and thanks for joining the effort!!

We are safe and secure, very busy with work and I’m thankful. Hope you and yours are ok too.

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Offers like yours just solidify for me what a great community we have here! Thanks for expressing your love for our local peeps so openly. Call on me if you need any extra help near Manasquan!

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As a frequent lurker and sometime contributor here is a note from Houston

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A beautiful gesture. Thank you.

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Read the link for we’re experiencing.

Try again from Houston to my friends up there.

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So sorry to hear That man. Hope she’s feeling better and makes a speedy recovery.

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Thanks. I’m trying to get my whole reply to link with the stupidity of the city.