A message from your NJ Moderator during the covid19 pandemic

Sorry, just click on the blue corona dining Houston for more stupidity.

Very heartfelt @NotJrvedivici

This truly is a wonderful community and even though I have yet to meet anyone, I consider you all friends.

Looking forward to an eventual HOdown so that I can wear my own name tag.




Very kind and generous of you @NotJrvedivici! Not remotely from your part of the world, but I seem to really like NJ folks.

BTW, I used to work for a division of a large company based in Edison NJ - talked to the people on that coast all the time & enjoyed my work with them.


I’m not in NJ (heck, I’m not even at home in NYC but “stranded” on the left coast at the moment) but this just warms my heart.

I can’t do anything physical, but if anyone - in NJ or anywhere else - needs help figuring out online delivery of anything, or needs to talk, I will echo @NotJrvedivici’s offer - I am available.


I posted several posts that I can’t get rid of.

Good afternoon. I’ve been lurking for some time but this thread has convinced me that I need to join this wonderful community. Kudos to you all. :heart:


Welcome, Liz!


Edison is my hometown! What company and where was their Edison location? I moved from there 26 years ago but I’m only 30 mins away and still have business interests in the area.

Liz, welcome and thank you very much! We look forward to your contributions, are you from NJ?

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cheap bottles of booze @ Costco = “business interests”??


Not originally from NJ, but I have been here in Northern Ocean County for many years. I am a military brat originally.


Your generous offer brought me to tears. We will never know who accepted because that’s the way you operate but I am sure they’ll be most grateful. I rarely post on HO but the NJ folks here are the best. Almost makes me want to move back to NJ .
Plus, I really enjoy your posts, JR.


That among some other! (Wise ass) lol

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in all honesty though- what a wonderful offer.

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Ok, please don’t hold it against me - it was American Cyanamid, the Shulton and Jacqueline Cochran Perfumes (famous aviatrix) divisions in Reno, Nevada. Always got a chuckle when my NJ colleagues asked if I was going to the “shore” in August. On the West coast, it’s beach or ocean, always. :grinning:

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We always used to go to the coast - or at least “over the hill”…

Yes! We also refer to it as the coast sometimes too. Welcome!

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Nah…you don’t want to come back here trust me, we’re still mostly a$$holes! lol However I will say that the people who participate here do represent the state very well. Thank you very much for your kind words, maybe this will be the beginning of you participating some more and lurking a little less.

God bless you and yours during these difficult times. Good luck and stay safe.

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I’m not familiar with that but I did google it so I see why you prefaced your comment with; “Don’t hold it against me”. lol Yes, the good ole’ Jersey Shore, I live in close proximity to it, love spending our summers at our beach club, which is only about 10-15 mins from home. 1 hour to NYC - 1 hour to A.C. and 10 mins to the beach, even though it’s still Jersey it ain’t a bad place to live.

You ever find yourself back on the right coast look me up!