2024 Grocery Outlet [California, Oregon, Washington, etc., etc.]

I wonder what “select” wines means in this case. In the app, the wines that are pictured in their ad for the sale are mostly the usual crap that GO sells year-round - 19 Crimes, Yali, and so forth. Hope whatever is on sale is better than those.

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Yeah the latest email seems to say it is only those wines - oh well.

Here’s the in-app coupon and terms:

What is the point of marketing a “secret” sale to customers who like you enough to download your app, and then giving them deals only on this junk? I have to think that these particular wines were selected purely out of some deal GO has with their distributor. Was going to go out of my way today to check out the Geary store’s selection, but scrapping that plan now.

Between this and the latest version of the app being a buggy hot mess (it took 5 minutes just to be able to sign into the thing this morning), GO is not looking like the most competently run operation right now.

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Thanks, you saved us a trip!

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Food is expensive, but not at California’s ‘extreme discount’ grocery store

Shopping here is a cheap, delirious thrill. It’s worth it



Gross Out lol.

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