2023 Grocery Outlet [California, Oregon, Washington, etc., etc.]

Love Manchego - I’ll see if its in my SF store.


@ South SF location:


@ PA location

Cheap grass fed NY steak. I like these better than the Marin Sun Farms beef that GO stocks.

medium size Kleen Kanteen water bottle at $9.99

There are also bags of chewy ginger candies for $0.5/bag.


Geary (San Francisco) Location:


East Hayward GO has Artikaas’ Hay There Raw Milk Gouda with Truffles.


At the Redwood City location.
Note: the price is not visible for the Ch St Jean Pinot Noir but it’s $6.99.


I picked up a bottle of this Uruguayan red at Geary on Sunday. Haven’t ever tried this varietal or seen any wine from Uruguay at GO before, so figured I’d give it a shot for 5 bucks. Anyone tried it?

Also used the coupon to stock up on those Amada steaks. New York strip is not my favorite cut, but hard to pass up that price on grass-fed.


Silver Avenue, San Francisco.
Anyone try these Raos pizzas? $4. That pineapple coconut juice makes great pina coladas.

Found some good deals for the baking season this week.
Arrowhead Mills bread flour, 5lb bag, $3.99 Has anyone tried this? I’m usually a King Arthur fan but this price was too good to pass up.
Guittard chocolate chips $2.99 bag (loaded up on these)
Then even have the new Guittard Sante flavor with coconut oil at $4.99 bag
Chosen Foods spray avocado oil, 4.7 oz $3.99
In the cheese aisle was Galbani bocconcini for $3.99.
I’m also a fan of El Mexicano cheeses for tacos and soups. Cotija was $4.69-- way cheaper than the Mexican markets.
There was also one-cup four packs of Swanson chicken broth for $0.99 and $1.97, but these had close expiration dates.
Happy hunting!
Edited to add: South San Jose GO


I hadn’t heard of that so I googled it. They use coconut sugar (and inulin) rather than coconut oil. Still made with cacao beans and cacao butter, so should act like chocolate in that regard. (Coconut oil makes chocolate very soft and melty, that’s why I was curious)

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