2021 Grocery Outlet [California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, other Western States]

Oakland Grocery Outlet recently -

         Zippo’s pick of the Week

99 cents/16 oz tub - Yucatan Guacamole Chipotle Corn, Best By November 18. Yes, 99 cents for the pound of guac, made in Mexico with sweet whole kernels of corn and smoky chipotle. I bought quite a few and guess what I’ll be having for breakfast for the next few weeks.


$4.99/8 oz jar - Fatbomb Nut Butter -Macadamia Hazelnut with Cashews and Sea Salt, no added sugar and keto-friendly. A little pricey but the nut flavors hold their own and I’d rather have this than 2 pints of ice cream.


from August 30 post, “Made in the south of France with sheep’s milk that is also used in the production of Roquefort cheese. The Lacaune breed of sheep are pasture raised, weather permitting, on the plateaus surrounding Roquefort-sur-Soulzon and the tangy cheese is creamier than feta.”

I bought some more of this sheep milk cheese since my post, above, from August 30, but it is now $2.49 not $3.99.

$2.99/dr. wt. 7 oz Mina Moroccan Purple Beldi Olives, with an unsweet grape flavor, used in tajines. Also available in a dry cured black variety.


@zippo1 -Thanks for that website.
Didn’t know it existed.

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you’ve probably seen grossoutwine for Grocery Outlet short wine reviews, often visiting the Oakland and Richmond CA stores, but for those who haven’t their ‘What’s New’ thread is usually up-to-date:-

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Looked for this at South Van Ness tonight but did not see any.

Has anyone tried the Yucatan brand frozen avocados? I’ve been seeing those lately at GO for $8 for a 3 lb bag. Are they decent for guacamole?

I’ve wondered about this too. They recently appeared at the Richmond GO. I hate to buy a big bag without knowing if they’re any good.

I feel like those would be good for smoothies, but not guac.

This guac is now in stock at South Van Ness - same best by date of November 18. Unfortunately they’re pricing it at $3 instead of $1. Skipped it.

Why? Guacamole freezes and thaws just fine.



With guacamole I prefer to have my avocados at a certain ripeness level, and would not be confident that the folks freezing these things chose the optimum level for guacamole. I could be wrong of course.


Recently at Oakland Grocery Outlet

Cashew cheese, walnut milk, pecan halves, Moroccan dry cured olives, malbec….

$5.99/750ml Volante 2013 Malbec, McCoy Vineyards, Sonoma County, 14.6% ABV. Tastes of redwood, violet, white pepper, cocoa, blackberry with mischievous tannins. The cork is starting to go. It got a Gold Medal at the 2016 SF Chronicle Wine Competition in the category of Malbec up to $24.99. I’ll try and grab a few more bottles at the 20% off wine sale starting next week on Nov 3 through Nov 9.

99 cents/16 oz Yucatan Guacamole Chipotle Corn, Best By November 18. I bought even more tubs but I think that my skin is starting to turn green.

50 cents/64 oz Mariani Walnutmilk Original, has 500 mg of omega 3s per 8 oz serving and a tiny bit of added sugar (2 grams). It’s very good.

$4.99/8 oz Chase Pecan halves, grown in the U.S.

$2.99/8 oz Miyoko’s Cashew Milk Organic Cream Cheese with Everything with poppy and sesame seeds from Miyoko’s Creamery of Petaluma CA. Firmer and tangier than ordinary cream cheese, this plant-based alternative really works.

$2.99/7 oz Mina Moroccan Dry Cured Olives, from Morocco, cured with lots of sea salt and a little plumper and a little fruitier than the Greek dry cured I’m more used to.

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The Grocery Outlet 20% Off Fall 2021 Wine Sale starts tomorrow, November 3, at all stores and lasts though November 9.

Some suggestions from the folks at GrossOutWine -


from Supermarket News:

*Just over two months after disclosing talks with potential e-commerce partners, Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. has begun testing same-day delivery via Instacart at 68 stores in California.

Grocery Outlet said Thursday that the pilot is slated to run for six months, with groceries, daily essentials and other products available from the chain’s independently owned and operated stores through the Grocery Outlet storefront on Instacart’s online marketplace and mobile app. Instacart personal shoppers will pick, pack and deliver the orders within customers’ designated delivery time windows.


Panettone is in the house. I got the one with chocolate chips and orange peel. It’s a little dense though quite decent for $9. Not as good as the $25 Fiasconaro I got last year. But better than the disastrous $40 Midwife and Baker one last year.

Other items:









from the first day at Oakland Grocery Outlet of the 20% Off Fall Wine Sale. Prices are before the 20% discount is taken. I’ve only started to dip into this selection but the 2014 Alder Springs 100% Chardonnay looks very promising.

$14.99 Alder Springs Vineyard 13 Task 2015 63% Malbec 37% Cabernet Franc

$4.99 Emma Pearl Reserve 2019 Rose of Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 13.6% ABV

$6.99 Alder Springs Vineyard 100% Chardonnay 2014 13.5% ABV

$6.99 Latitude 38 Pinot Noir Sonoma County Private Reserve 2018 14.3% ABV


Here was my wine haul from South Van Ness:

Sibiliana Roceno Nero d’Avola, Sicily, $5.99
Aridus Grenache, southeastern Arizona, $7.99 (supposedly $34 retail)
Gabrielle Ashley Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley (Sonoma), $9.99 (They also had a Gabrielle Ashley Napa reserve cabernet at $15 and an Oakville cabernet at $18. There was a guy in there buying a lot of it)
“G&G” Rioja Vega (80% grenache/20% graciano), $5.99

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I’ve had this and it’s pretty good for a $7 pinot noir, but nothing too interesting or complex. Tastes like a pinot though, which is saying something at this price.

I tried the Aridus Syrah and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was for a wine from Arizona.


There was also an Aridus viognier for a buck or so less. I passed on it for now, as I haven’t loved most viogniers I’ve tried, but might try a bottle of this one on the off-chance it’s still there weeks later.

By the way, heads-up for anyone taking a flyer on that $4 bottle of Periquita moscatel from Portugal: be warned that it is really sweet. I saw “European moscato”, noticed it was from a fairly well-regarded winery, and took a chance on it hoping it was like a delightfully dry French moscato GO had a few years back at the same price point. No such luck.

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Why was Midwife & the Baker’s panettone a disaster?

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Double Dipping in Oakland tomorrow -

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9, the stars are in alignment in Oakland. It is the last day of the Grocery Outlet 20% Fall Wine Sale and the Oakland Grocery Outlet has an additional 10% off for seniors age 55 and older from 8am - 12pm on all items since it is the second Tuesday of the month. The total discounts amount to 28% since they are applied one after the other. Some other stores may have senior discount days but I don’t know when they are. Let us know if you come up with something good.

I’m only telling you this because I’m about maxed out on wines for the winter and I think that I gobbled up the last bottles from a vineyard that I was looking for.


The first time I got maybe two years ago. It was airy and fluffy. At $28, it competed very well with the quality imports.

Last year I got one. They raised their price to $40. The texture was very dense, like a pound cake. It was nowhere near the quality of the first time. Understood panettones are tricky to get right. But I felt at $40, they really had no excuses to get it so wrong (rather than slightly wrong).

This year my wife asked me if I wanted to get one again. I said unless Mac made a personal guarantee on the quality, I am not getting one. Still haven’t had a chance to tell Mac about the disaster last year.

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