2021 Grocery Outlet [California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, other Western States]

Oakland Grocery Outlet yesterday -

The store was overflowing with bargains on plant-based milks - chia, cashew, coconut, soy - at 50 cents and 99 cents for 32 and 64 oz cartons in the refrigerated dairy section and the NOSH shelf.

99 cents/32 oz. - SOW - SEEDS OF WELLNESS, Chia Beverage Original Unsweetened, in the NOSH/Organic aisle and in a separate display near the checkout lines. A chalky, almost bitter melon taste but full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. I liked it in morning coffee. There is also an unsweetened vanilla version which I haven’t tried yet. From Chile.

99 cents/32 oz - SO Delicious Cashew Milk Dairy Free Unsweetened

$2.99/2.3 oz - Frontier Co-Op Organic Seafood Seasoning, Original. GO has been pretty weak in its spice rack aisle so this might mean a step up. From Frontier Co-Op in Norway IA. The version that I got says that it has 40% less sodium than the Original recipe and contains paprika, sea salt, celery seed, black pepper, mustard , cayenne, rice concentrate, bay leaf, ginger, cinnamon, mace, clove, allspice, cardamom.


$1.99/750 ml - Lucky Duck Malbec from Argentina, 13% ABV. Since Trader Joe’s increased the price of its Charles Shaw Two-Buck-Chuck to $2.99, I’ve been looking for something low-end to sip while watching the NBA Summer League games with teams full of rookies and undrafted free agents. This should do the trick. Also available in an Australian Shiraz.


50 cents/12 oz - Kraft Avocado Oil Mayo Fat Reduced, with a blend of avocado, canola and soybean oils.



I tried that chia milk (the unsweetened version) the other day.

No amount of any food will make me enjoy the taste of chia milk or any other chia-heavy product. If I want omega-3 fatty acids, I’m reaching for a nice piece of fish.

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You sure you don’t want to use that chia milk to wash these chia pasta down? :joy:

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Here are some ordinary dairy products from this week in the PA store:


And some other offerings:

Both Straus ice cream flavors (raspberry chocolate chip and caramel toffee) are good btw.

I bought the Mutti tomato sauce, smacked the lid to open it, and the whole bottom of the jar broke.
A note of caution. :slight_smile:

Oakland Grocery Outlet yesterday

Deli -

$2.00/7 oz/10 slices Kerrygold Grass-Fed Mild Irish Cheddar Slices, made with Milk from Irish Grass Fed Cows, cashew notes, no cheese crystals, works out to about $4.60/lb.

Deli -

99 cents/11 oz tub - Price’s Pimento Cheese Spread Southern Style with Real Cheese and Mayonnaise, from Bel Brands of Chicago IL.

Southern Living Magazine taste tested 5 pimento cheese spreads and Price’s came in a close second to Palmetto with a sweet and tangy flavor and thick-cut shreds of cheddar.


99 cents/4.5 oz - Hawaiian Host Aloha Macs Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamias, individually wrapped, from Hawaiian Host of Honolulu HI.

$1.49/10 oz - Fisher & Wieser Mixed berry Pepper Relish with cranberry, raspberry and jalapeno. The cranberry predominates and not overly sweet - I’ll add it to the Straus Family Whole Plain Organic European Style Yogurt I got for $3.49/32 Oz or spread it on the various cheeses.

$1.99/750 ml - Lucky Duck Malbec from Argentina, picked up 2 more bottles which I like after some air and way better than Two-Buck-Chuck (now $2.99) Red Blend.

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Yesterday at the Oakland Grocery Outlet -

                Zippo’s Pick of the Week

Made in the south of France with sheep’s milk that is also used in the production of Roquefort cheese. The Lacaune breed of sheep
are pasture raised, weather permitting, on the plateaus surrounding Roquefort-sur-Soulzon and the tangy cheese is creamier than feta.


Today at the Oakland Grocery Outlet -

Printed at the top of my receipt was a $5 off coupon good from Sept 8 through Sept 14 on a minimum purchase of $20 (excluding alcohol, dairy,taxes, deposits). If you got exactly $20 of qualifying goods, that would be a 25% discount.

   Zippo’s Pick of the Week

$1.99/6.4 oa - St Mang Limburger Bavarian Made

Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Microbial Rennet, Bacterial Cultures, Ripening Cultures

https://youtu.be/7CGq_Na-hIU z




from St Mang:


Our cheeses are made with the milk of Brown Swiss cows, a cultural heritage of the Allgäu region of Bavaria. This breed’s alpine diet and protein-rich milk results in cheese with excellent flavor and texture.







Humphrey Slocombe icecream:

Whole wheat pasta:

Barbados sugar. Is there such a thing as ‘single origin sugar’? They have such a label on the packaging.


Which store was this? I picked up the MIA baobab/salted nibs chocolate, along with the Barbados sugar, at the Portola GO on Saturday, but I don’t remember spotting some of the other items here.

Never see Tcho chocolate at GO, at least not Oakland and the East Bay.

I’ve recently seen a couple of Tcho varieties, like the cornflake, at the East Hayward GO. I also got some Theo Chocolate there.

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That was the Palo Alto store.

Impressive selection. S. Van Ness last week had the TCHO pretzel, cornflake, mint, and milk chocolate.

I must say I really like the price of the De Cecco 00 flour. Never bought 00 flour at this low price.

I see it at the SF Geary store

Couple of interesting pickups this weekend. I popped in quickly to Geary, Portola, and Bayshore and only spotted each of these at only one store:

Geary: Blue Evolution “organic seaweed popcorn”, spicy citrus flavor. This is regular popcorn sprayed with sea lettuce powder and other stuff for the spicy citrus. I am not much of a popcorn person but I kinda like this. The sea lettuce powder imparts a nice toasted-nori kind of brininess. $1.99/bag I think?

SF Bayshore: Dolcezza “Argentine-style” gelatos from a company in the Washington, DC area. Swiss chocolate, straciatella, tramontana flavors, $2.49/pint. I got the tramontana, regular sweet cream ice cream with dulce de leche ribbons and little balls of chocolate crunchies. Not bad.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold