2021 Grocery Outlet [California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, other Western States]

How do any of those panettone’s compare to the one at Trader Joe’s, if you’ve tried that one? It’s my go to, I like it quite a lot, and I believe it’s around 5 or 6 dollars.

Weekend at the PA store:

The ciao bella blueberry/ passion fruit sorbetto was good.


Bayshore Blvd, San Francisco
Did I need olives? No
Did I buy 5 packs of olives? Yes
Why are the olives 12 cents per pack down from $5.99? I don’t want to know.


If you find Boom Boom Syrah ($5.99) in the Bay Area give it a try. Nice but not sweet fruit, decent balance. It’s by Charles Smith out of Walla Walla, WA, a large, usually decent, producer. I bought 3 bottles during the 20% off wine sale, then 6 more.


Mission G.O. San Francisco
Sunce was $15 and the Chalk Hill rose was $6. They also had 14-15 lb Jennie-O frozen turkeys for $7.99.

Found this at GO in Alameda, Arrowhead Mills organic white popcorn, $1.99 for 24 oz. The kernels looked like “hullless” (or small hulls) and confirmed when I got home and popped some. Looks/tastes the same compared to Amish hullless popcorn, which can run around $3-4/lb, plus shipping…although you see it around for $3 in the store once in a while. Packaged in Chicago which make sense, since the Amish stuff is from Indiana.

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It’s at the Richmond store, too. Never seen it there before.

Soom Tahini (11 oz) is at the Richmond GO for $4.99. I’ve bought it online before because it’s harder to find and it is my favorite. On its website, this size sells for $8.50. It looks like it has a new label now, which is probably why it’s at GO (old label).

There was also a selection of Impossible burgers in the freezer section. The six-patty bag is usually around $20, but GO is selling it for $10.


Oakland Grocery Outlet today -

$1.99/11 oz. EPIC Duck Fat Keto Friendly, in the NOSH aisle across from the north side of the long freezer aisles

99 cents/32 oz. PIKNIK Keto Creamer Unsweetened, made with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. Best by Jan 2, 2022, will keep in fridge for 14 days after opening. From Blue Northern Foods of Austin, TX.
Goes for about $6 - $10 for a 32 oz carton online.

The image below is of the 2-pack of 32 oz cartons. Make sure your receipt shows 99 cents for each quart carton.


Today at the Palo Alto store:

3 yr gouda at the bottom:




I got a can of that Lomo “tuna” once, thinking it was the real thing. Ick. And Stryve is pretty good. If you can find the original flavor of biltong/beef bites, it tastes just like real South African biltong, with that hit of coriander (though without that nice bit of fat).

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I was in SF on Geary, so stopped by GO. They had Bison tallow from the same brand, so got some.

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