2021 Grocery Outlet [California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, other Western States]

Here’s a new thread for 2021 Grocery Outlet finds for the Western States. Almost all of Grocery Outlet’s stores are in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. There are now about 20 stores in Pennsylvania. The SF Bay Area GO thread has been, by far, the most active since the only other GO thread, in the Culture,Chains board, has not had a new post in over a year and consolidating the Western States Grocery Outlet posts into this thread seems convenient and efficient since it is a chain.

Here’s a link to the last post on the old 2020 Grocery Outlet thread:


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Geary Blvd. SF

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Some recent pickups at SF/South Van Ness:

Tazely Kosher Dill pickle wholes , $1.99 (they also have spears, same price I think). Only vinegar pickles and not the real lacto-fermented stuff, but the branding made it look like they could be decent. Weirdly small for dill pickles, haven’t tasted yet. Product of Turkey.
L’Italy sundried tomatoes “with olive oil”, $5.99 for 35 oz, also product of Turkey
TCHO Mint Chocolate gelato chocolate bar, $2.49. Pretty good.
TCHO Egg Nog white chocolate bar, $2.49. I am opposed to white chocolate on general principle, but this is definitely faithful to the eggnog flavor it’s trying to be. Nice.
TCHO Rum Raisin chocolate bar, $2.49. This is…not good. I sort of guessed rum raisin and chocolate would be a hard combo to make work, and my guess was not wrong in this case. Most of the problem seems to be with whatever is supposed to be the “rum” flavor here; to me it tastes more off and plasticky than lending any note of booziness or funkiness from the flavor of a pot-distilled rum.

I noticed they have the D’Vash date syrup back in stock. The bottle is small and I wouldn’t get another for $3.99, but if they lower the price I’d pick up more for sure.


Ritter Sport makes a rum raisin & hazelnut bar that’s pretty good.


Oakland Grocery Outlet a few days ago


$2.99/4 oz. - Trois Petits Cochons Organic Mousse Aux Cepes - Organic Chicken Liver, Pork and and Wild Mushroom Mousse - organic, made in USA, Best By 1/30/2021, delicious.

$3.99/12 oz. - Royal Mahout Paneer vegetarian whole milk cheese, distributed by Atalanta of Elizabeth, NJ. It has some good reviews.


$1.99/8.5 oz. - Bubbies Prepared Horseradish, no preservatives, non-GMO prepared for Bubbies of Ventura, CA. I used to get horseradish at Trader Joe’s but they no longer carry it.



forgot this

99 cents/ 1 pint carton - So Delicious® Dairy Free Cranberry Cherry Swirl Frozen Mousse 1 pint Tub



I opened the jar of pickles - they’re fine, but nothing to write home about. The strange part is that it almost seems like the manufacturer made garlic dill pickles out of the type/size of cucumbers that are typically used to make sweet gherkins.

Mission SF

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