2021 Grocery Outlet [California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, other Western States]

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $40 there, but then again I’m generally not buying alcohol from them.

Buy a few packs of wild sockeye or halibut and you will be over $40 quickly.

Or, if you have the freezer space, one of those 10 lb pork shoulders. They run around $20-25 usually.

I stopped into the new Bayshore GO in SF to pick up a couple of things after my farmer’s market run.

This store is good-sized, probably about the square footage of the Portola store. It feels like they could be packing more stuff in there if they had the stock. Only beer and wine, no spirits (I assume they don’t have a full liquor license yet). Products fine but mostly ho-hum, not too much that was new to me. I scored a nice deal on point-cut corned beef that’s presumably overstock from St. Patrick’s Day ($4 off any package; I got a 3.3 lb package of it for $6 total).

Not crazy about the policy that everyone walking in with a backpack needs to check it under one of the checkout counters near the door. I get it, people shoplift, but it feels like overkill when they already have at least one security guard at the door. This is why I will not shop at Manila Oriental Market anymore, where they have the same policy and refuse to hire a security guard and constantly wander off from where they put your bag, leaving your stuff vulnerable to theft.

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Mission GO S. Van Ness, SF
Someone is going to have to explain the appeal of alcohol coffee to me.

Don’t know about alcoholic coffees, but I like coffee in alcohol (stouts, Kahlua).


A few days ago from the Grocery Outlet Oakland -

At the top of my printed receipt was a coupon for $5 off with a minimum purchase of $20 (excluding alcohol, dairy, giftcards, tax, bottle deposits) at all Grocery Outlet stores from June 2-8, 2021. If you bought exactly $20 of qualifying goods, that would be a 25% discount, the largest discount I have ever seen at a GO.

Beer -

$2.99/6 bottles x 12 oz. Manos de Calaca, Jefezon Vienna, 5.1% ABV from Tijuana, Mexico. One of the best $3 six-packs I’ve ever had; I need more.


Figured Cinco de Mayo was the right day to crack this Mexican craft brew. Intense caramel and toffee notes - sweet. Pretty big for a Vienna lager. Always love it when I find Mexican craft here north of the border!

Deli -

$2.49/7 oz. tub Buitoni Reduced Fat Pesto, Firmer, not as soupy as other packaged pestos, made with a pine nut and walnut blend.

$1.99/ 16 oz. Straus Family Creamery Organic Sour Cream, made with milk from pasture-fed cows. Thinner consistency than other sour creams but good taste. From Straus Family Creamery of Petaluma, CA/,

Highly rated on Amazon:


$2.99/7 oz. Rodopa Bulgarian White Cheese, known as Serene or Sirene in Bulgaria, made from 100% sheep’s milk. It’s a little creamier and more moist than Greek feta.

It paired well with some Buitoni pesto.


Nice tip on the beer, I’m going to see if it is in any of the SF stores. I’m also a fan of Bulgarian feta style cheese.

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The South Van Ness store has the Cabezon pilsner at the same price. Didn’t see this darker lager from the same brewery, but I might have overlooked it.

Silver Avenue, SF


A q;uick recipe for the Bulgarian White Cheese -

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The East Hayward GO also has the $2.99 6-packs of the Jefezon Vienna and Cabezon Pilsner.

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This week at Oakland Grocery Outlet. All items were purchased either with a 10% discount on Seniors Day, the second and fourth Tuesday of the month for seniors age 55 and older from 8 am - 12 pm, or using a $5 off coupon from a previous receipt with a minimum purchase of $20 (excluding dairy and alcohol). All prices are before any discount.


$2.99/8 oz. tub - Truly Grass Fed Ghee Clarified Butter, 95% grass fed, 250 days on pasture, imported from Ireland, from Glanbia House of Kilkenny, Ireland, does not need refrigeration.


$7.99/lb. - Beemster Signature Gouda, aged 12 months, semi firm, using milk from free-range, grass-fed cows, product of Holland, packaged in 8 or 9 oz. wedges

$2.99/4 oz./2 egg bites - Nellie’s Broccoli & Cheddar Sous Vide Egg Bites, made with Certified Humane Nellie’s Free-Range Eggs from Nellie’s of Monroe NH.

In the NOSH/Organic, Gourmet section -

$4.99/16 oz jar - Sir Kensington Avocado Oil Mayonnaise, made with avocado oil and certified humane, free-range egg yolks.

99 cents/16 oz. carton - Milkadamia Macadamia Creamer, made with macadamia milk and coconut cream, unsweetened, no added vanilla flavoring, made for Jindilli Beverage of Oakbrook Terrace IL.

99 cents/15.8 net weight can - Campbell’s Spaghettios Organic Original, shaped organic pasta in tomato and cheddar cheese sauce.

$1.49/6 oz net weight in box - Back to Nature Spinach and Roasted Garlic Crackers, product of Canada.

$1.99/12 fl oz jar - Spectrum Organic Mayonnaise with Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with organic cage free eggs, the top ingredient is organic expeller pressed soy oil, blended with organic first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.


$4.99/9 oz drained weight - Partanna Asaro Castelvetrano Green Olives, pitted, hand picked, in brine, farmed in Sicily, product of Italy.

$2.99/9.5 oz DR WT - Mezzetta Greek Style Feta Cheese Stuffed Olives, product of Greece.

from Mezzetta:

Our stuffed olives use only extra-large Greek Halkidiki olives to allow more room to pack the cheesy goodness inside. Mezzetta olives are stuffed at our Napa Valley Facility. We source the filling from Wisconsin the cheese capital of the United States…

Highly rated on Amazon:

$2.99/9.9 oz Drained Weight - Erato Kalamata Olives Pitted, product of Greece.


$2.99/8 oz - Bard Valley Natural Delights Medjool Dates Dark Chocolate Covered, 8 large dates, distributed by Bard Valley Date Growers of Yuma AZ.

highly rated on Amazon:

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South San Francisco, Hickey Blvd.
These are half bottles but still a good deal.

A few days ago in Oakland Grocery Outlet -

$4.99/750 ml - Rocklin Ranch Pinot Noir 2016, sustainably farmed, “grapes for our Pinot Noir are grown on our estate vineyard located in the Arroyo Seco appellation of Monterey,” even though there’s nothing on the bottle label about estate grown or even vinted by Rocklin, 13.5% ABV, screw top. On the second day, slightly chilled, it had aromas of not very ripe strawberry, cherry and bell pepper. With a medium body it tastes of cranberry, clove, vanilla and cedar., with supple tannins and an easy finish. It is tart, which many of the reviews mention, but that is a profile that I like and prefer it to a fruit forward smack in the face. I’d get it again,

Photo and link directly below are for the 2017, not the 2016 vintage -

99 cents/7 oz - Dunbar’s Marinated Roasted Peppers in Olive Oil & Garlic, with vegetables harvested in California, Also has some extra virgin olive oil, from Moody Dunbar of of Johnson City TN which has been a family-owned operation for 133 years. Usually this kind of product is from Turkey and the peppers would have sort of a slimy texture. These have a clean, fresh taste with some garlic at the bottom. Very good. Note: Even though the photo below is of a 12 oz. jar, the jar I bought was 7 oz. I bought 4 jars and will buy more.

From Amazon:

  • Grown and Packed in the USA
  • ZERO Fat and Cholesterol
  • Kosher
  • Marinated in Olive Oil and Mild Garlic
  • Family Owned Since 1933

From Dunbar’s:

Each of our California grown and packed bell peppers is harvested and packed field fresh to ensure you’re getting the highest and most consistent quality product on the market.

$1.99/8 oz. - Bubbies Extra Hot Horseradish

$3.99/7 oz. Tipperary Irish Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, imported from Ireland, made with milk from grass-fed cows, aged over 12 months. Enjoyable, not super sharp with a pecan flavor.

99 cents/3.5 oz - Pearls Nonpareil Capers, from Musco Family Olive Co. of Tracy CA, family owned and operated, product of Turkey.

$2.49/8 oz. tub - Truly Grass Fed Ghee Clarified Butter, 95% grass fed, 250 days on pasture, imported from Ireland, from Glanbia House of Kilkenny, Ireland, does not need refrigeration.


Recently at Oakland Grocery Outlet -

Zippo’s Pick of the Week:

$2.29/10 oz. Practic’o Olive Tapenade with Sun-Dried Tomato, with fermented green and black olives, capia pepper, and sunflower oil. It’s dense, chewy, very salty but with an earthy funk of aromas and flavors of smoked peat. I like it and it’s a very different style than the less-challenging Trader Joe’s Greek olive tapenade in olive oil that I usually get for $1.99/10 oz. I think that the Practi’o was in the NOSH/Organic/Gourmet aisle or maybe in the olive/pickle section. Made in Turkey and imported by Turen Stone Corp. of Stamford CT.


99 cents/5 oz./8 wedges - Kerrygold Dubliner Soft and Creamy Cheese Wedges, made with milk from grass-fed cows, made in Romania with 100% Irish cheese and other ingredients.

$2.49/7 oz. - Kerrygold Sweet Cheddar Irish Cheese, made with milk from grass-fed cows. Vegetal flavors with butterscotch notes and a few cheese crystals. From Ireland.

$2.99/10 oz./4 fully cooked franks - Gilbert’s Uncured Beef Franks

$1.99/16 oz. - Good Culture Whole Milk Sour Cream, milk, enzymes, and cultures, made with milk from family farms and pasture-raised cows, distributed by Good Culture of Irvine CA. Thick and creamy.

Short Takes -

$4.99/750 ml - Rocklin Ranch Pinot Noir 2016, bought another bottle and, in addition to the tartness noted in the post immediately above, picked up tastes of red licorice and leather.

99 cents/7 oz. - Dunbar’s Marinated Roasted Peppers in Olive Oil & Garlic, bought 3 more jars.

$1.49/5 oz. can - Sustainable Seas Tuna, 100% Pole and Line Caught, Chunk Light in Water No Salt. $1.99 for Chunk Albacore in Water, both use species of tuna that is lower in mercury.

99 cents/16 oz. - SO Delicious Organic Coconut Milk Creamer.

$6.99/750 ml - Castle Rock 2014 Pinot Noir (Los Carneros)

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