2020 Veggie Gardens!

I am knee deep in seed catalogs, and I don’t really need any more seeds.

Anybody started seeds yet?
It was 72 today where I am on Nor Cal! I have started seeds in 2020, but I think the ones I started late 2019 are going to make it!

Somebody posted about self-seeding parsley and it worked!


Don’t know what happened to the pictures of my sugar snaps, but I ll add them later.

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Can you talk more? What is self seeding.

I’ve start some feva beans a week ago, waiting to see the germination for the first batch. Cauliflowers are growing outdoors.

It was you!

The second picture is dozens of parsley seedlings that are the result of me shaking seeds from last years plant over bare potting soil. Or it could have been seed starting mix.

Hahaha, okay! I thought you were talking about a special seed. It was another life those self seeding.:crazy_face: Zero parsley this year. I need to look at the seed catalog now.

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I’m very tempted to try a couple of things on the balcony this year… also very afraid (for the poor plants).

Snow peas are on the shortlist. Maybe some salad greens.

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I’m spoiled and my mom starts all my plants for me, but I did start a batch of mung bean sprouts yesterday so I’ll be munching on those in a few days. I forgot how quickly they grow!

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I vowed no more seeds until I make a dent in what I have! I haven’t thought about it yet this year but I should probably get some slow growers started within the next month or so. My last frost date is mid-April so time to get cracking! I did plant 180 cloves of garlic in November so at least that is well on its way.

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Still too cold here in the northeast of the US to start seedlings. We’ve had a mild winter, but we get cold spells well into April. I plan on planting seeds end of February to early March so that by mid to late April I hopefully have strong cute, shishito pepper seedlings.

Still keeping my fingers crossed on my garlic (the shoots I had in this fall/winter are still there and going strong even with a few snow storms). Not sure about what will happen with my parsley given that it’s a biennial, but will give my thyme another go. Those seeds I just throw in pot when it’s warm enough outside. I would like to try cilantro this year, but I usually have a tough time getting them to grow beyond 2-3 inches tall. :unamused:


…was supposed to say I HAVEN’T started seeds since January.
Here are sugar snaps from November.

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Is that an earth box? I’ve heard some positive results with that. We don’t have this system in here, how do you like yours? I’ve heard about mineral eventually building up.

That IS an Earthbox, I LOVE them, I have more than a dozen, and have probably been using them at least 10 years. I have issues from time to time, but not with mineral build up, at least that I’m aware of.


Wow, for a relatively small pot, the plants were vigorous. Did you use specific soil, and how about fertilizers? Also, did you reuse the soil year after year?

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I use ProMix potting mix, have experimented with granular organic (Epsom) and liquid fertilizers, and use a mixture of new and used potting mix each year. When it starts to break down you can sort of tell the texture isn’t right.


Started my peppers and eggplants last week. Out on the balcony, the chives, parsley, kale and mustard greens have survived the winter.


First sugar snaps of 2020!


Feva beans waiting to repot. Unfortunately, the rate of germination of this year is extremely low, a rate of 1/5. I didn’t have use special germination soil at home now and use normal potting soil. Start tomato seed and herbs any day this week.



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I started herbs, peppers, leeks and cauliflower under lights in the basement last weekend. We have ahad a mild winter so many varieties of my garlic are already up. Can’t wait for spring!


First edibles up in the raised beds! Chives and mache (from seeds I put down last fall). Seems too early for tulips but they are coming up as well.

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Everything’s up except for the bell peppers and galine eggplants (both have disappointed me in the past). Go, plants, go!


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