Zwilling Warehouse sale in Pleasantville, New York -- Hungry Onion exclusive

So for those not familiar, Zwilling holds its factory sale in Pleasantville around Thanksgiving each year. Prior to last year they were in a smaller facility. Now they are in a rather large warehouse. The sale started at 10am on Friday. I arrived around noon and the large parkings lots were almost full. On my short walk to the main building I passed people walking out with boxes full of cookware. Naturally I wanted to know what people ahead of me were getting, partially out of curiosity and partially so I could see what I might have missed. Somewhat to my surprise, not a single person seemed to be leaving with items I may have wanted. Then again, I had come for one thing: Demeyere cookware of the super premium variety. Specifically I “needed” a 4.2 quart Atlantis casserole style sauce pot. The 22cm diameter pot is nearly impossible to find on sale, and the only straight-sided sauce pot missing form my batterie. Still, if I hadn’t already called ahead to make sure there would be Demeyere products available, I would have been concerned by what I saw coming out the door, which was mostly small boxes of glassware, Zwilling knife sets, and boxes with Staub printed on the outside.

I stepped inside to see a somewhat busy, but not overcrowded warehouse room. The checkout lines were already very long though, reaching all the way back into a second warehouse room with signs indicating that more goods were to found there. After eying the scene, I found a few stacks of boxes with the Demeyere label on them: new items with Industry 5 labels, and a few open box pieces on top. I had sort of expect d and scramble for these items, so a grabbed a box and threw a Pawson saucier in it. But I looked up and realized there was a no mad scramble for the Demeyere items. A few people were checking them out almost as a curiosity, but most people were mesmerized by the various enameled cast iron pieces and smaller boxed items. I looked over to the far side of the room and spotted some shelving units teaming with beautiful Silvinox treated pans. I walked over and discovered pretty much every variety of Demeyere: Atlantis, Pawson, Industry, Sensation, and a fair amount of the old Sirocco line, (which is high quality stuff and not easy to find). Most of the higher end goods were out of box. A few looked like seconds, but most just had some shelf wear. The prices were good – similar to the most recent blowout on the website on the same items, and 50-60% off other items. Again, though, no mad scramble, just the occasional old lady wandering by to admire. A few people seeing me immersed in the various pans asked me about the products, but then moved on. Most had clearly never seen or heard of Demeyere.

I spied a lone oval Apollo cooking pot that is nearly impossible to find in the U.S. or Europe and I snatched it up right away. Frankly, I never imagined finding a piece like this. It retailed for about $300, and this one was marked at $140. I also found a single 4.2 quart sauce pot by Atlantis in mint condition. Jackpot. I found the same sized pot in the Sirocco line as well and paused to consider which one I liked better. Just then, a German fellow approached me and asked how I was doing. We chatted for a bit and I asked his opinion about the pans. He seemed very knowledgeable about the product lines and gave his opinion . He later introduced himself as J.A. Henckels CEO Erich Schiffers.

I was fairly short on time, and the lines were huge, so I decided to take my small haul to the checkout. In order to do this I had to go to the back of the line in the other warehouse room. Once inside the second room, which was really an area inside the main huge warehouse, I could see the cheaper items: Fontignac Dutch ovens for $20, Zwilling Motion frypans for $10-$20, and other cheap cookware. Granted most people were gift shopping, but I was further astounded to see what people were actually buying in the checkout lines. Several people asked me what exactly it was that I had in my basket.

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My guess is their Demeyere stuff will sell better as clearance or seconds on the web site for people who are looking for these cookware for themselves. Perhaps the warehouse sale customers were mostly interested in getting their holiday shopping done. and most aren’t as inclined to gift seconds…

It is nice to have a hands-on CEO who is interested in visiting sales events and talking to customers. Sounds like a nice fellow.

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I guess most people were gift shopping but it sounds like there were some great deals for those in the know to find. I did not know they had a warehouse in Pleasantville on the record as one of my favorite towns in the county.

You see, I could almost see it the other way around. The deals on most things in box, aka gift items, could be found online for roughly the same price, either through Zwilling online or another retailer. The Atlantis pieces though can only be had if you show up in person. I’m lucky in that I live just a bit over an hour away in Jersey, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have made the trip. I had planned on a trip to the similar All-Clad event in PA on my way to Ohio over the summer. I am glad it didn’twork out though, as I spent about the same money here and on the Zwilling site and ended up with better stuff. I can now say I have crossed state lines to get cookware.

Here is the oval pot, btw:

Not getting that at All-Clad or anywhere else. I guess what amazed me about the event wasn’t that people were buying gifts in lieu of out of box items, but that they were gobbling up things that you could get anywhere for about the same money. It just had more of a flea market feel to it, rather than an exclusive event, and it clearly wasn’t for a lack of good products. Also,there were plenty of Zwilling Sensation and Industry 5 items in box, which also gathered little attention.

You are still in the area, no? Why not head up the weekend after Thanksgiving?

Congratulations on your haul. Oh I am so glad and yet so sad the warehouse sale is on the other side of the country. Thanks for letting us share vicariously.

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Will the sale still be on?

Yep. Sale was last weekend and weekend after Thanksgiving weekend.

They use their corporate staff to help in the on-site sale, but they give them the holiday weekend off. I believe the online version of the sale is over the holiday weekend.

Hi, Randallhank:

Would you be so kind to find me the large (53cm) Demeyere Teppanyaki? I know you like challenges…


No problem. If it can be found I will get it for you.

Thanks so much.

Email me privately to discuss budget.

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