Zwilling sale

A few months ago about a small hand held zwilling vacuum sealer, (one of several I own, and I love it, but need more of the resealable bags. I decided to shop around, and low and behold; Zwilling is having a sale!

Here’s the link, but don’t take my stuff!

My cart is full, and I’m about to buy, but I thought I’d take a minute to see if anyone is familiar with any of thse, particularly the demeyere stainless steel pan. I learned about De Buyer carbon steel here, and have two, but I seem to remember a discussion of stainless vs carbon steel pans, but can’t find it.

I did find a discussion of the plancha, and I’ve long wanted one, but going to be thought to store. Does anyone use one regularly?

ETA the plancha and the pan is the same price on Amazon, so I’ll save those for later.

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