Zwilling nonstick?

I’m in the need of a couple of nonstick pans, probably 10" and 12", and the Zwilling motion reviews seem pretty positive. Does anyone have any experience with them? I’d love to give ceramic a try, but the reviews for just about all the brands are all over the place.

Haven’t used them, but they look great and seem like quality nonstick. I love the 4 quart soup pot.

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I have lots of cookware but the non-stick egg pan has been a bit elusive for me. I know what I want, but can’t rationalize the $$ price. I would like a Demeyere Industry Ceramic frypan exclusive to SLT. You can pick up a Zwilling $ Sol or Spirit which has an identical looking Thermolon coating as the Demeyere Industry line. The difference is the Industry was Mfg in Belgium and doesn’t have rivets. I think the Sol and Spirit are three ply and the Industry is 5 ply. The ceramic coating can wear so a high price for these Ceramic non sticks is a risk. Especially if you went the $$$ Demeyere Controlinduct route.

I already know that Ceramic non-stick will not be as non-stick as a Teflon like coating, but it’s better for your health at least. I have a non-stick Teflon/SS Volrath griddle that is a good well built pan, but I really don’t like the way the oil doesn’t spread evenly on the surface. Makes it hard to cook with. I know you need less oil when cooking with Non-stick Teflon but you need some usually and it’s frustrating the way it spreads like oil mixed with water on the pans cooking surface.

Only have the one Teflon style pan and not a fan of that type of coating at all for health or functionality.

I like my “traditional” Swiss Diamond non-stick, though it is surprisingly slow to heat for an aluminum pan. The thick disc on the bottom is likely to blame. However, it does heat super evenly and the coating is quite durable. Swiss Diamond skillets also have a nice pan floor diameter relative to the overall size of the pan, while also having low sides to allow for sufficient evaporation. Another choice of this ilk are the heavy duty Woll pans.

I know you want to avoid Teflon-like coatings, but for an egg/fish pan I think these are viable choices. The thickness of the aluminum and the durability of coating make for a very safe product at the temperatures you will be using. Plus, the Swiss diamond comes in a 26 cm size, which is incredibly versatile.