Zwilling JA Henckles, Memorial Day sale


I am thinking about purchasing the Zwilling Sensation 10 piece set, is silvinox safe?


Does anyone have any opinions on Zwilling cookware?

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Hi chowdom,

Zwilling/Henckles are distinguished cutlery companies that have bought two cookware manufacturers, and are marketing products by their new companies and by Chinese manufacturers with the Zwilling brand. The Sensation set is also marketed under the prestigious Demeyere brand name. From user reports, it is a great value–especially at the sale price listed. It would be a decent value at twice the price.

The Sensation line has been either a closeout or on sale for the last three years or so.



Thank you for responding, you are always helpful … In spite of having several industrial water systems/ filters in our house we continue to have really hard water with tons of iron in it, it destroys everything. This set seems nice enough but not so high end that if I destroy it I’d be devastated. I think the original price may be a little inflated, I considered it last year and don’t remember it being that expensive. I am going to go ahead and order the set, the price is right … I’ll report back


The set is good quality and most importantly I can lift the pots and pans with out injuring myself :slight_smile: Fine for my needs!

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Good for you!