ZipLoc Endurables?

I have been intrigued by these… mostly for their re-usability, and that they can go directly from freezer/fridge to saucepan/oven. While they’re not cheap, seem interesting for storing/reheating leftovers.

Do any of you use these? If so… what are your thoughts about them?

I like them alot.

Marinate meat, freeze, then bake directly in bag.

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I saw them. Yes. Ziploc. I had similar to Stasher and Zip-Top which launched their earlier than Ziploc.
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The Ziploc ones are silicone base. I don’t have these. I do have (re)Zip which is PEVA base.

Silicone is nice and soft and tough (with this thickness). Silicone can feel difficult to wash and can absorb smell.

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I have a bunch of silicone stuff that are some of my fav tools (funnels, tongs, spatulas, spoons, brushes, egg rings) and have never noticed this. I just toss 'em all in the dishwasher and they have never discolored or absorbed odor that I have noticed (this over quite a few years).

Granted all of it is solid color, so maybe translucent stuff might show discoloration… don’t know… which is why I am looking for folk’s opinions who have used it.

A vinegar soak can help with any smell. I just soaked a smelly instapot sealing ring with it. I’m not sure to what extent it might degrade the material in the long run.