Zahav’s Famous Hummus

… is now available at a Whole Foods store near you (if you’re in the northeast)

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Our Whole Foods was giving out free samples but were sold out of product :joy: it was good but imo no better than other store-bought hummus…maybe a little grainier in a good way. dunno, I guess to be fair we have to sit down with a container over the course of a day or two.

Not in MD! Oh well, I like Sabra just fine for store bought. And I like mine for homemade, but nope not gonna do it.

I am of the (probably unpopular) opinion that the difference between the “best” hummus and most store-bought hummus is more tahini, lemon juice, and a more than generous pour of olive oil.

This one probably has plenty of tahini, but I’d guess the sampling didn’t include the necessary pool of olive oil :joy:


I think it is in MD. The listed “DMV” above (unless they just mean the DC suburbs).

I looked last week in my local. Nothing!

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I look for it every time I go to Whole Foods and have never seen it (2 Boston locations, 2 Cambridge locations, and 1 in Somerville).

I put in a lot more lemon than most. I love lemon. I agree, it must have a generous pour of high quality olive oil on top.

And the tahini matters too. I have tried the various supermarket brands and some are overly bitter, others runny and almost tasteless, and none compare to just taking some Bob’s Red Mill white hulled sesame seeds, toasting them in a skillet, and nuking them to a paste in a blender or FP with some COR EVOO.

@madrid - I found it! I can’t remember which store - either Wellesley or Dedham.

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I bought a container last night and a wf 365 hummus (which I’ve never tried) for comparison. notes tonight.

finally got around to trying this, the hummus looked nothing like the photo, no oil or herbs were visible, it was creamy, tahini forward, I liked it but not life-changing, my wife found it too sour.