Your Latest/Favorite Digestif?

Oh! You’re correct. But what am I supposed to check out?

a glass of the elixir of long life, of course, chartruese

Oh, I’ve had it. Not a huge fan, but I can see how it would be useful.

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Carefully chosen - there’s a lot of rocket fuel out there.

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Not sure of one can objectively describe the difference in taste. All I can say is that it tastes really good, still sweet but smoother than the regular. Like going from a 20 dollar whiskey to a 50 dollar one. Can you get it easily?

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I think so, but I haven’t tried. I’m not much of a consumer of GM to start with–a very occasional drizzle over/into something.

I can see that being nice in a margarita.

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Sure, in which case less sweet might not be desirable.

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personally i do love a margarita that’s not super sweet, but that little cadillac float can be nice. I haven’t tried the fancy grand marnier but i would gladly give it a shot and pour it a little on top like you mentioned. I count on fresh lime juice, silver tequila and have been throwing in a few jalapeno rings too.

If you can already accomplish less sweet (and brighter) by just using Cointreau.


good info…what about triple sec? ive seen that used in margaritas too.

Yup. Usually cheaper, too.

My dad liked Fernet Branca. After he died, I brought home a few of his bottles of stuff, among them a bottle of Fernet. Which I dropped on my travertine floor. Spoiler: it stains, big time. Thank god for the Internets. I applied a poultice of peroxide soaked paper towels (needs to be hair coloring strength, not first-aid strength), covered it with plastic, and let it sit for 24 hours. Whew! It worked- stain gone - however, I’m taking it as a Sign not to bring Fernet into my home ….

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I wonder if Triple Sec would be just as good in a soufflé. That GM is more than three times the price of the TS.

If it’s any use, noccino (black walnut) liquer is the worst at staining things I’ve encountered.

I enjoy the FB occasionally, but it’s anything but subtle.

I will note this in my “Handy Guide to Housework Disasters” file.