Your Halloween Cookware & Tools?

So what are they? The heavy cleaver you carry when greeting Trick-or-Treaters? The flexible fillet knife you use to carve expressive eyes on your Jack-o-Lantern? That pumpkin Dutch oven or tureen? Or a ghostly set of egg cups for edible eyeballs?

I’m not into H’ween as much as I used to be. But yesterday, when gutting an acorn squash, it occurred to me that a heavy spoon with a very sharp edge would be great for curettage on pumpkins.

So, any Halloween-specific kitchen stuff?


A grapefruit spoon for scraping the pumpkin. A parer for carving it. The parer for ripping bags of candy open. The ten inch chef’s knife to scare older kids when I crouch, yank the door open, and say, “Whaddya want?”


The serrated carving kits really are the best tool for the job. The serrations make quick work of the dense, fibrous flesh, and they’re narrow enough to allow corners and finer details.

You’re also far less likely to end up with stitches and blood loss.

(Sold saw blades for a decade…it really is the best tool)