Your favorite way to prepare squid (tubes & tentacles): bring it on!

I scored a little over a lb. of squid tubes & tentacles at Wegmans today at a reduced price, and plan on making them for dinner tomorrow. Usually, I’ll just slice the tubes and make calamari: s&p, cayenne, cornstarch – off into some frying oil for a minute tops, done. Serve with sriracha mayo or just a squeeze o’ lemon.

That said… there’s been a lot of frying action @casa lingua lately, and my man requested I find a different way to prepare them.

What are your favorite ways? Stir-fry? Grill (the tentacles might be a bit tricky)? Sauté?

Any and all ideas are more than welcome.

TIA, HOs :slight_smile:

I have two:

No frying!

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Excellent, small_h! Thanks a lot. Both sound great, tho I’m generally not too impressed with Bittman’s recipes.

I’ll have a look at both.

I think he stole the recipe from Mario Batali, if that gives it more street cred.

Boil squid 30 - 60 seconds
Toss in ice bath to stop cooking .
Remove and dry .
Make a vinaigrette
I clove garlic minced
chopped parsley , celery stalk and leaves .
Toss ingredients together
Mix with salt and pepper . Squeeze of lemon
Put in the fridge for a couple hours .
Makes a wonderful squid salad .


I just made that up. But it’s a very good recipe.

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Here at Chez Sunshine, paella is always the top request if calamari isn’t in the cards for some reason.

You could probably also chop tentacles and stuff the tubes with rice/risotto/etc.

I should’ve probably mentioned I’d prefer non-carby ideas, so risotto or pasta (sadly) is out. Wah.

I am leaning towards Mediterranean or “Asian” prep…

That’s it? Only three people who like to cook squid?

C’mon - you can do better than that.

Lentils? Quinoa? Farro?

What about a ratatouille-type vegetable stuffing?

Ah! Stuffed would be nice. Maybe stuff it with chorizo and something else…

I also do a quick blanch, then toss with blanched or shaved vegetables and a dressing of fish sauce, lime juice, soy sauce, and sesame oil.


My favourite way, that uses both body and tentacles is the stuffed squid recipe from the Moro cook book.

Here’s the recipe:

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At Casa Harters (or as it should be in this case Ca’n Harters), it’s always the Catalan “a la Romana”.

Simply dredged in flour (or flour then egg) and fried. Absolutely simple. Needs nothing more than a squeeze of lemon or a dollop of alioli. I’ve never wanted to look further thna this prep.

Can’t wait to be back in Mallorca in April and have these in my favourite seafood restaurant overlooking the Bay of Pollensa.

Well, yes. That is usually how I prepare it, too. Just tossed in cornstarch, s&p. They come out perfectly.

However, this time I was hoping for a non-fry prep, Harters '-P

Leave it with me, lingua. I’m sure we’ve a “stuffed and baked” recipe somewhere. Finding it mught be the issue.

Looks like I found a good one in my James Peterson “Fish & Shellfish” book - simple, but sounds great: Sautéed squid with garlic, tomatoes, basil and black olives. Except for the black olives, I may end up using a quarter fennel bulb and a few fennel tops I have leftover from a recent salad.

Flavors should work well together.

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