Your favorite shrimp dishes

So I had some Costa Verde garlic shrimp last night and I figured I’d start a new thread.

Where are your favorite shrimp dishes? It can be anything shrimp related…let’s here it :slight_smile:

I eat prawns most often in the summer when the weather is nice to BBQ in the back garden. Butterfly, marinate and grill.



I just got some fresh Gulf of Mexico 16-20 for 11.97. The original plan was to fry them but the Wifeacita has taken over the kitchen prepping her weekly lunches.

I’m just going to boil them in Zatarain’s and Cajun seasonings with a cocktail sauce of ketchup, horseradish, Lea and Perrins, Tabasco, and lemon.

They will be good.

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Yes it will, you using the Zatarains liquid in the house? I have a nice vent hood and wouldn’t use that in the house, although when I boil shrimp, crabs or crawfish it’s in quantities large enough for my 100 quart pot

Etouffee, Thai with Pepper and Garlic, Goan with lots of Red Chili, Curry Leaves and Coconut, 1000 Chili Chongqing Style are just a few of my Favorites. I really like Shrimp/Prawns

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The hot and spicy jumbo prawns at Chengdu 1 Palace in Green Brook are THE. BEST. Szechuan prawns I’ve had. Repeatedly. Anywhere. :slight_smile:

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I love Ina Garten’s Herb & Garlic grilled shrimp.

Restaurant: Belford Bistro - Angry Shrimp with Gnocchi. Hands down. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Homemade: My MIL makes a delicious shrimp in a creamy mascarpone sauce over pasta. YUM!

Costa Verde does an awesome garlic shrimp, as does Fernandes which is where I’ve been getting my Portuguese Fix, slightly closer to home than Costa Verde and a better meat/steak selection for my taste.


Cocktail; Brielle River House

Fra Diavlo & Francese; Jimmy’s Asbury Park

Peel n Eat; Chinese Buffet rt. 36 Eatontown

N Grits; Drew’s Bistro, Keyport

Parm Sub; Attillio’s Villagio, Lincroft

Wow…nice looking dish!

@NotJrvedivici I’m not a huge fan of this place but the bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with horse radish at saltcreek are killer! That’s one dish they get right.

Not a straight shrimp dish, but the Mariscada at Costa Verde is a good deal in the bar area. I think a pot is like 13 bucks if you dine in the bar. I got one sat night too. It goes well with some bread, after you sop up the garlic shrimp juice first lol.

Drews voodoo shrimp are another favorite.

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At home my fav shrimp recipe is this:

Sautéed Shrimp with Chardonnay-Dijon Cream Sauce

I use sherry instead of the chardonnay, though. And stone ground mustard, usually. I serve it over linguine.

My husband loves him some shrimp, and it’s his birthday in a few days, so we’ll go old-school and have a mess o’ shrimp steamed in Old Bay with hushpuppies on the side for that. That was one of our favorite meals from the now-defunct Duck Inn on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach.

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My favorite is gulf shrimp, 12-15 counts, at least 2 pounds stir fried with lots of garlic in olive oil, ( I mean about 2 heads of garlic smashed with my mini cuisinart chopper dedicated for garlic and chipotle and adobo sauce ) , turn heat to medium,( I own a Vulcan range, so my setting is different from most homeowner’s setting), before the garlic burns, add a tin of anchovy in olive oil, before most of anchovy melt, add the , cleaned and deveined shrimp, juice of 2 limes and peel, chipotle and adobo sauce to your taste ( again using the same mini cuisinart chopper We love everything spicy food so, I use about 4 chipotle and a few tablespoon of the adobo sauce ) , some fresh herbs or during the winter , italian seasoning . In the meantime, before I start stir frying my shrimp, I slice enough tomatoes into wedges, ( 4-6 wedges depending on size remember that they shrink a bit so add enough tomatoes to accommodate for the shrinkage ) for my 12 by 8 baking pan, drizzle liberally with olive oil, fresh herbs or Italian dressing and roast in the oven at 375 degrees. I time the process so that when the tomatoes have rendered their juices , almost done, add crumbled feta cheese to the tomato before I start stir frying my shrimp. The process of stir frying only takes me less than 10 minutes .Add your cooked shrimp to the tomato and serve over rice. Sorry I cannot give you exact measurement bec I do not measure when I cook . I use the same technique of stir frying my shrimp and adding it to pasta, served with pesto. Of course when serving the shrimp over pasta, remember that you are not adding feta, so, you may have to adjust depending on your taste. Do not overcook shrimp! Let me know how it turns out!

Fried cruller stuffed with shrimp (variation on shrimp toast), @ New China Pearl, Woburn MA

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Depends. If I want some kicks, then probably something like salt and pepper shrimps or jambalaya. I love gumbo too.

But if I really want to taste the shrimps, then nothing beats blanched shrimps for me.

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Voodoo Shrimp from Drew’s Bistro
Garlic Shrimp from Clark BBQ
Fried Shrimp from Keyport Fishery
Angry Shrimp from Catch in Red Bank

A well made shrimp cocktail is all I hunger for many meals. Large, fresh as I can get, super clean shrimp, slices of lemon, heaping tsp. of horseradish in the cocktail sauce served over chilled iceberg lettuce on ice served with a few saltines and stalks of celery.

Shrimp curry is another favorite.

Keyport Fishery’s shrimp and scallop platter is another guilty pleasure.


Shrimp and Avocado Panang from Pad Thai in Highland Park.

At home I like to rough chop raw shrimp, mix with ground pork, garlic, ginger, water chestnut, dark soy, fish sauce egg and my secret spice. Sometimes I fill wonton skins with it, sometimes I just make patties or balls and fry em up. Serve with Sweet Chili Sauce.

The 3rd one from my response above;


I’m very basic- can anyone recommend best place for fried shrimp…just can’t beat a good fried shrimp in my book…I’ve had navesink fishery and its pretty good, but feel like I can do better… have heard good things about Keyport fishery- is that worth the trip?