Your favorite or "go-to" late night snack? If you have one?

Canadian Lay’s has a Magic Masala flavour that’s pretty good. A bit too spicy for me.

There are also some Chinese inspired flavours right now.

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Alas, the nearest Aldi to me is a 3+ hour drive.

Sacramento is a weird spot. We have a surfeit of grocery stores, most of which are NOT either an Albertsons or Kroger variation. I have the choice of SEVERAL Asian and Hispanic markets within a 15 minute drive. Even more if I go to 30 minutes.

But no Aldi. :frowning:

I put a bag on the Amazon list. It’s way too much $ ($10+ for a 250g bag) but eh, I wanna try 'em. If they turn into a real thing I’ll do the legwork to find more frugal options.

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Then online retail is your only choice, I’m afraid. Or visit Germany some time :wink:

It’s on the list. The partner insists on UK/Ireland first. She’s been to Germany and absolutely loved it. In particular, couldn’t wait to tell me about a Chinese restaurant in Frankfurt called, delightfully, Das Nudel Ding, which she and her aunt liked so much they went twice in 3 days.

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Well, it’s just a skip & a hop across the Channel from there. I vote for Berlin, but I’m biased. It probably has the most diverse & lively dining scene in the whole country.

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A good peanut butter with a dash of preserves on toast points or Ritz crackers.

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Open fridge. Scan assortment of leftovers. Choose, nuke, splash with hot sauce. Enjoy. Go back to bed and sweet dreams.


Does Walmart carry erdnussflips in the States? They carry one variety in Canada.

Or ask nicely and one if us might put a bag in the post for you

Actually, Bamba Peanut snacks are better and available at your local Target


Changing my answer. US “Grilled cheese”.


I wholeheartedly disagree, having had both. Bamba lacks the crunch, salt & peanutty-ness of the OG German brands.

You can have all the Bamba.

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Or Trader Joe’s, in a small bag even.

Maybe a darker beer than what I was just drinking. JK, it’s the only time I’ll eat cereal, or graham crackers and milk.

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Hey Greg, welcome back, Dude.

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Thanks. My real job makes hanging here a bit more prohibitive. These damn kids always need sumfin’.


I have obtained Flippies!

Impressions: The texture and crunch is top-notch. Very satisfying from a snack-y perspective. I find the flavor… subdued. Almost to the point it’s undetectable. Mostly, I get a toasted grain flavor (unsurprising, the first two incredients being corn and semolina). Only at the very end does a hint of peanut-ness show up. I also find them criminally undersalted, but I suspect that is due entirely to my American expectation of ungodly and unhealthy amounts of sodium in foods like this. I’m sure the EU has some sort of sensible regulation regarding the amount of allowed salt in things. And yet I finish a bag of Doritos that should, by all rights, have me keeling over from blood-pressure induced aneurysm.

Conclusion: an interesting experiment, but I’m afraid the Flippies magic is lost on this poor USA-an. That’s ok. The Japanese ‘ramen snacks’ are easily obtainable and coated with enough MSG to make them truly dangerous, so all my emotional and occasionally recreationally enhanced eating needs are properly met.

Still need to try the Flippies dipped in chocolate, but I suspect it’ll just overwhelm it all.


Thank you for your extensive and highly :joy:entertaining review! I wonder if the lack of peanut flavor is a matter of freshness of product. I find that a lot of imported German products don’t seem to have the same oomph* as they would in the homeland.

I am a salt fiend myself, and have never found them lacking… but I don’t eat Doritos :wink:

*I did voice to text for this post as I am currently traveling from NOLA, and ”oomph”was turned into “shoes.” I have not lost my marbles, I swear :crazy_face:


Honestly, I took “don’t have the same shoes” as having the same basic meaning, and put it down to a weird local slang translation. :rofl:

In fact, I think I’m gonna try and make that a thing. “Oh yeah, Frank’s having off night tonight. Definitely not wearing his usual shoes…” “Do you think the porchetta tastes as good as usual?” “No. Different shoes… Not enough rosemary, maybe?”

Yeah. I like it.


Lance cheese peanut butter crackers and milk.