Your favorite or "go-to" late night snack? If you have one?

Can’t find the right emoticon.

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Oh my god. I am obsessed with Erdnuss Flips, but it never occurred to me to eat them with something sweet. There was a limited-edition curry flavor out the last time I was in Berlin that was just :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:.


This used to be orange cheese popcorn, but local chip brands got bought out by Utz who killed the cheese popcorn in favor of their own. Their own sucks, and I don’t like the fancy white cheese flavors.

I now will do either Utz hot chips or Wise onion and garlic chips. Every once in a while I mix it up with Funyuns. They all are accompanied by hot Ovaltine.


:eggplant: :peach: :sweat_drops:

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I was thinking an eye roll.

Pop corn, cooked in coconut oil in a wok, with butter and maybe truffle salt is my go to, but that’s after ( :blush:) .


American Nutella is not identical to it’s European sister.
I noticed this when returning from Italy.
The European version is better.
Or do you notice the difference?

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Cheese, fancy crackers, and the occasional bit of cured meat.

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And Italian Nutella is different than French or German Nutella.

No, really! The consistency and flavor vary from market to market.

Two cups of hot herbal tea are non-negotiable, and if I’m feeling gnoshy, then in no particular order: popcorn, frozen blueberries, or brandied fruit.


I don’t really eat enough of it on a regular basis to say. It was a favorite breakfast for me as a young child: fresh breakfast roll from the baker (who delivered them straight to your door, back in the 1800s :wink: ), with a little butter that would melt immediately into the fluffy crumb, and a “healthy” shmear of Nutella.

I’m much more of a savory breakfast person now, and can’t imagine eating chocolate spread on bread.

Dipping peanut puffs into it after a heavy night of drinking? Bring it on… apparently.

I cannot imagine eating the curry flavored ones. Why ruin a good thing??

Btw, Aldi had them recently. I bought about 5 bags, even though I don’t eat them often. I am genuinely surprised there is no similar or identical snack in the US, given the national obsession with anything peanut-flavored. It’s a mystery.

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Agreed. As for the curry flavor, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! :wink: They were just spicy enough and very complex/savory. Probably not a match with Nutella, though. :face_vomiting: :rofl:

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No, most def not with Nutella! Unless they come up with a curry version. :nauseated_face:

As a USA-an who has never been to Europe (not for lack of want), I had to google ‘peanut flips’.

Am I understanding this right? Essentially: peanut butter flavored ‘cheetos’?

I am intrigued. I noticed some folks say they’re availble stateside now. This calls for some hunting.

I would DEFINITELY try these w/ nutella, or a similarly spreadable/dippable chocolate ganache.

I recently discovered ‘crispy ramen’ snacks from the local Asian supermarket:


They eat like super thin chow mien noodles coated with MSG. They’re totally addictive, and work shockingly well as an added crunchy component in salads or lettuce cups.

You might be able to find Erdnussflips or other brands of peanut puffs at a Polish, Hungarian or German store/deli near you. The Central European delis and stores often carry them in Canada.

There’s also an Israeli peanut puff you may find in the Kosher aisle / Israeli import section at your grocery stores.

Those ramen snacks sound great. And by great I mean dangerous.

Trader Joe’s sells Bamba peanut puffs, but they are nowhere near as good as the German brand, sad to say. If you tried those, you’d be underwhelmed and unable to understand that these are a staple at any German party gathering. They are very crispy (tho not as hard as crunchy cheetos), have a distinct, salty peanut flavor… and go very well with chocolate dips :rofl:

You might be able to get them online. The two most popular brands are “funny-frisch” Erdnuss flippies and Lorenz Erdnusslocken. I see you can get the former on amazon.

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HK, Singapore and Japan have curried flavored potato chips. The HK and Japan ones I’ve tried are :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

The Singapore kinds was much better but still not my thing. I have not found anything curry flavored to my liking, unless it’s actual curry dish. And that goes for all varieties of curry - Thai, Indian, Japanese-style, Chinese-style.


I have a weird thing for trying oddly flavored chips/crisps.

Aldi is carrying the peanut flips for the holidays.

I do the same.

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I don’t tend to snack at night, unless I’ve been over indulging on booze. In that case, something savory with some carbs and fat - leftover delivery (Chinese, pizza, etc.), chips and queso, crackers and cheese. However, a lot of that was more when I (and my digestive system) was younger. Now that mostly leads to waking up with heartburn and not having digested anything.