Your favorite hangover cure(s) for the next day are.....?

We’ve all been there: you have a ton o’fun at night, but the following day is pretty much the opposite.

While I generally don’t get plagued by headaches, thankfully, nausea and general grumpiness are for certain.

My cure it sleep as long as possible, eat something greasy/carby for whenever I can fathom the idea of food… or fast most of the day and then have a nice big bowl of Chinese noodle soup & a ‘real’ coke for dinner.

Preventatively, I try to drink a shit ton of water while celebrating. Hydration is important, yo.

Howzabout my fellow HOs?

Mostly sleep . I rarely get hung over anymore . Can drink like a fish . Wobble back from the bar . Wake up a little fuzzy and that’s about it . Dunno .

Lucky you.

I’m more sluggish and head-achey than nauseous and grumpy. I have learned **not **to sleep in.

In college it was chocolate milk and a Kit-Kat for early classes; a quarter pounder, fries and coke when I did sleep in. Blech. I have since realized neither chocolate nor grease bombs are effective.

Nor is the “hair of the dog that bit you.”

Water, coffee, carbs. Good to go.

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Double In and Out cheese burger with grilled onions and extra thousand… Or a cheeseburger with fries…lots of mayo to dip both fries and burger…w/ a large Dr. Pepper

Kung Pao Chicken with extra sauce
Bloody Mary spicy
Cappelini with garlic, evo, butter and pàrm
Gatorade, aspirin, sleep

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Lots of water usually helps.

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Bloodies & Bong Hits.


Kinda same here, don’t get much hangover, I throw up like hell the same night and not much headache the day after. The night before isn’t that fun though.

If it’s that bad, I definitely “prefer” throwing up the same night while still drunk over having to do so the next day sober.

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Back in the day Root Beer was my cure but that’s a long time ago.

Given how I feel this morning, I’ll be reading this with interest. I’ve had little luck with cures. Usually attempts involve caffeine, water, vitamin B, grease, spice. and protein along with a side of Netflix and whimpering into my pillow.

All of what you list sounds good too. Anyone do delivery?

If I’m really drinking I will drink a ton of water. We have jam sessions (DH and other friends on guitar and we all sing) and they are tequila fueled. Having had some killer hangovers after those days I now make sure a drink a ton of water as well as the Hornitos. It works. However, If I don’t realize I’m going to drink a lot and then say, polish off a bottle of chard on my own (others were drinking other things) like I did last night - I have no idea so I’m reading this thread!!

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Yep ,that’s the one for today!!

Haven’t had a hangover for quite some time, but I usually get the headache, and (luckily) not the nausea. But I also try to fend off the twirlies with drinking lots of water while I’m drinking whatever else I’m drinking.

I’ve found that taking 2-3 Advil with a big glass of water before going to bed helps with the headache. Of course, REMEMBERING to take the Advil is always the issue if I’m drunk. I try and remember to put the Advil bottle out on the bathroom counter before I leave for the dinner/night out.

Otherwise, lots of sleep. And I can’t do the grease-bombs. If I’m hung over, even thinking about that makes my stomach turn. So I usually go with my coffee in the a.m., and then a big glass of milk with a toasted English muffin.


This grosses most people out, so apologies in advance, but it works well for me – a huge glass of milk and a couple of Advil before going to bed, then repeat when I finally crawl out of bed. (I had a girlfriend have to actually leave the room one late, late night – just the sight of the glass of milk made her gag…although she was the one crawling through and, erm, fertilizing the hedges, not I…)

I know most people can’t stomach the idea of that much milk on a good bender, but it’s worked well for me for years. Then coffee and a meal with carbs and protein.

Last week I wasn’t really hungover, but painfully dehydrated – a bottle of Gatorade over ice later in the day cleared it all up. (Gatorade is particularly good – sugar, liquids, and electrolytes – doubly good therapy if you’ve been sick at any point)


Advil or aspirin before bed and immediately upon waking if necessary. Lots of water, coffee and a fried egg sandwich with plenty of cheese and hot sauce in the morning. I rarely drink enough anymore to get to the hangover point, though - it disagrees with me in a whole host of other ways.

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the party I referenced above was next door – I could have crawled home without bloodying my knees – but couldn’t bring myself to mix booze or beer with the wine I’d been drinking most of the night.

Not sure if I’m happy or not that I’m too old to get myself hung over.

Water is your best friend. The headache is caused by dehydration due to alcohol inhibiting Anti diuretic hormone.

Best things are some gatoraide and clear fluids, when you first get up and then some more sleep.

Avoid advil or medications as best you can because it kills your liver.

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Unlike alcoholic overindulgence '-D


Doobie Eggs

Crack three eggs and put in a bowl with with salt pepper, and 1 tsp of beer. Add Tabasco to taste.

Mix well.

Throw that crap down the disposal, chug the rest of the beer and go back to bed.