Your favorite food scene in a movie




Maybe best adult beverage scene ever. Memorable for plenty of reasons, starting with Scotch and metaphors:

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Tampopo for sure, but this scene in particular:

AND… the oyster scene, which some may find disturbing…


Did anyone say this.

Leave the gun, take the cannoli.


Famed-critic Pauline Kael’s favorite film: “MENILMONTANT”

The bread-sharing scene from Dimitri Kirsanoff’s silent film Ménilmontant (1926).

Maggie: What was your favorite movie in your entire life?

Pauline: In my entire life? Well, there’s a French movie that probably you’ve never heard of that I like best…


I was ordering a pizza last night at a local restaurant. I wanted a pizza margherita. They said it was not on their pizza menu . I said do you have tomato sauce , cheese and fresh basil . They said yes . Well I’ll have that . The couple next to me at the bar mentioned that was just like the scene in five easy pieces . I had no idea .lol

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The BEST!!!

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We actually had that happen too - at a restaurant where the chef thought he was quite special. Sorry about diverting from the topic!


Primer for Thanksgiving:

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Along with Babes in Toyland, aka March of the Wooden Soldiers played in my home every Thanksgiving as a kid.


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Here are dessert instructions:


I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Always a must-watch!


We had TWO versions of the album!


I have the VCR tape…just no VCR. I should get that transferred to DVD…


Yes! I did that with “Where The Wild Things Are”.

I don’t have the album’s Babes in Toyland album anymore, but I do have the 1960’s version of A Christmas Carol. That one had some memorable food scenes too! We love shouting “a bit a pu-tay-tuh” when we are watching that.

And “the one as big as me?!?!?”!
These are about the books more than the movies, but still;

Eating and Drinking With Charles Dickens Tori Avey | December 20, 2012

Christmas with Charles Dickens

An Edible “Christmas Carol”


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Outstanding choice.


Blazing saddles

Adult content warning 9 1/2 weeks

Disturbing content warning
This food scene from “The loved one” is the tamer of the two in the movie … if you like a bizarre dark satirical comedy this one is for you … IMO a most underrated film

Harry Potter

Mystic Pizza

Lastly, Homestyle Turkey turned me onto “Sweet Bean” here is a link to the trailer, it is impossible to pick just one scene … the entire movie is wonderful

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Great picks!! So many favs.