Your favorite food scene in a movie

(kg) #81

Didn’t his shoes get cooked too?

I confuse my Tracy/Hepburn movies, but they’re all good!


That’s right. His shoes got soaked in the rain, so he bakes them in her oven to dry them quickly, but he forgets about them, and the shoes end up ‘over-done.’


Amelie (2001, France). A simple scene about simple pleasures.

“Every Tuesday morning, Dominique Bretodeau goes to buy a chicken…”

(John) #84

I keep meaning to add ‘Soylent Green’. Who wouldn’t want to have Edward G. Robinson for dinner?


Jet Lag (2002, France). My favorite food-related movie closing credits. Full recipe, including suggested wine pairing for the dish that Jean Reno, playing a former chef, prepares for Juliette Binoche in the hotel kitchen.



The Apartment (1960 Academy Award, Best Picture). When Jack Lemmon cooks spaghetti & meat balls for Shirley MacLaine in his apartment and uses a tennis racket as a strainer. He then proceeds to run the pasta under tap water for some reason, before plating.




The DOUBLE NY slice fold - bold move.


East Side Sushi (2015) about a Latina who strives to become a sushi chef at a restaurant in Oakland on Grand Ave. near Lake Merritt. Filming was done at Coach Sushi, 532 Grand Ave. and also at B-Dama on Piedmont in Oakland. Here’s a link to the trailer and a report from Zennie Abraham about the making of the film.


(Gwenn) #92

Another from Big Night - she wants spaghetti and meatballs on the side



Andy Griffith, anything Aint Bee served on the TV show especially the fried chicken at the jail.

Special warning. Do not eat her pickles!


You can’t serve a starch with a starch. Well its completely true.

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We’ll have breakfast

(Gwenn) #97

I love that scene


Serious star power in the kitchen:


When Harry Met Sally

“I’ll have what she’s having”!



Is this it ? :