Your favorite food scene in a movie


Has anybody mentioned

The Last Recipe?

I just saw that on a flight from ATL.

How do you make the movie show up in the post?

(Dan) #122

(Dan) #123

There you go. Nice choice.


Thanks! How did you do that?

(Dan) #125

I’m using a touch screen. I opened the movie using YouTube. I highlighted the movie link. Used a cut function. to capture it. Left YT. Opened this thread. Opened my reply box and pasted the link.

Touch screen grab, cut and paste function.


Hmmm…I thought so, and I added the YouTube link, but it just looks like a link. I’ll try again. Thanks!

(Gwenn) #127

Has anyone mentioned the scene from Tom Jones?


So glad you enjoyed “Sweet Bean” as much as I did!

(Lamb Owner) #129

Use Your Imagination! Hook Banquet Scene


Then there’s the coffee shop scene in Sudden Impact where unexpected sugar in Dirty Harry’s daily coffee to-go results in several bad guys making his day.