Your favorite food scene in a movie


Has anybody mentioned

The Last Recipe?

I just saw that on a flight from ATL.

How do you make the movie show up in the post?

(Dan) #122

(Dan) #123

There you go. Nice choice.


Thanks! How did you do that?

(Dan) #125

I’m using a touch screen. I opened the movie using YouTube. I highlighted the movie link. Used a cut function. to capture it. Left YT. Opened this thread. Opened my reply box and pasted the link.

Touch screen grab, cut and paste function.


Hmmm…I thought so, and I added the YouTube link, but it just looks like a link. I’ll try again. Thanks!

(Gwenn) #127

Has anyone mentioned the scene from Tom Jones?


So glad you enjoyed “Sweet Bean” as much as I did!

(Lamb Owner) #129

Use Your Imagination! Hook Banquet Scene


Then there’s the coffee shop scene in Sudden Impact where unexpected sugar in Dirty Harry’s daily coffee to-go results in several bad guys making his day.




He hits my hair.


The Last Picture Show, this from Sam the Lion, Ben Johnson in the café, “Chicken fry me a steak, and try to use meat this time.”


(Gwenn) #136

How could I have forgotten - L’Idiot from LA Story!

If we let you eat here, what will you have?


(John) #137

I’m too lazy to scroll up & look so did I already mention 'A Good Year"? “MacDonalds in Avignon; fish & chips in Marseilles. Allez!”

(DeMarko) #138

I can’t believe no one has listed the spaghetti scene on Lady and the Tramp! It was the first thing that popped into my (not so young) brain.


lolololol maybe this is why :thinking::wink:

(John) #140

There’s a spaghetti scene in ‘Mostly Martha’ which is sort of priceless. “Here - hold this for me…”