Your favorite food scene in a movie


Another scene set in France:


Ha, while much of the tone of that movie is over the top and satirical, they do feature some beautiful foods and inspired names for otherwise mundane dishes. I remember passing by a few HK eateries a few years ago and some places were clearly inspired to use similar names in advertising their most famous dishes.

My favorite though is still Eat Drink Man Woman. Never had I wished I had as much patience (and time) to devote to mastering traditional Chinese cooking.


Henry Hill in Goodfellas making fried veal cutlets and meatballs and gravy.

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‘The Lunchbox’ is another good food movie.

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I loved “The Lunchbox”–the interaction between the neighbors, the contrast of the picky husband and the appreciative stranger. That lunch delivery system was fascinating in and of itself and the acting (especially given the lack of interaction between the leads) was impressive. I looked back to the other site and see that I declared it the best food movie ever.

However, that was before I saw “Chef” :thinking: I think that was the first movie in decades at which the audience applauded at the end. And the food looked so good, you could hear the “oohs” with each new dish.

“The Hundred Foot Journey” isn’t a great movie per se, but the juxtaposition of the ethnic Indian and classic French restaurant made it worthwhile (for me at least).

And of course, the dinner in “Babette’s Feast” will always be a classic.


Thanks for reminder. Must watch again. Tonight.

And if course, the Western version starring the ever delectable Raquel Welch: Tortilla Soup.

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This thread has led to a big list, thxs all!


I bet some of us have had a real food orgy, maybe a little less vocal.


Cheese burger , cheese burger , cheese burger, cheese burger, cheese burger . No fries cheeps. And no Pepsi Coke

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In reality, I think Billy Goat Tavern should be on everyones Bucket List. :grin:


Like Water for Chocolate


We can’t count the number of shot and beer (Old Style, of course) orders we placed (with or without signature grill item) before the Cubs undid the “curse”.


On the subject of lunch . . .


And speaking of lobsters, gotta love the soundtrack for the scene:


With Aretha Franklin in hospice I was thinking of another food related scene from Blues Brothers: dry white toast and four whole fried chickens. You Better Think.

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The Lunchbox is very good.

There are a few entertaining food scenes in Bend It Like Beckham.

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‘Mostly Martha’ was originally a German flick & then there was an American version - ‘No Reservations’… Anyway - basic plot synopsis: Sister is killed in a car crash so niece comes to live with aunt who is a chef & owns a restaurant. The Niece won’t eat. In the German version, the Italian chef asks the niece to hold his bowl of spaghetti. That’s a great scene.

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I rewatched Chef on cable. Its such a good flick. The young actor who played the son steals some scenes so well.

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It was very good, I haven’t watched it in several years - might be time!

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:fearful: Oh no!!!