Your favorite food scene in a movie

(Dan) #21

Classic mayhem😊


Here’s the five-minute shot from Big Night.

(Dan) #23

I did read up. Great cast. I’ll track a copy down.


One of the best dinner quotes ever…

(Karen Mezzetta) #25

@ernie_in_berkeley, Big Night is also one of my great favorites too, I printed the recipe years ago, but was too intimidated to try it! Showed it to my Italian mother-in-law & she was too!


If Stephen Chow has anything to do with the film, we watch. Here’s a scene from another of his classics:

(Dan) #27

That was fun! Thanks for enlightening me.


Adults only:

(Dan) #29

Lordy what a synopsis.


Ratatouille, and Bunuel’s The Exterminating Angel.

(Dan) #31

The Exterminating Angel another film I wasnt aware of, thxs.



The commentary about the class structure in France goes over my head, but otherwise this film is full of so many memorable scenes


100% :slight_smile:


Goodfellas, the prison scene , and others throughout the movie. Though not a movie thumbs up for Seinfeld, The Soup Nazi .


+1 for the soup nazi

Another classic! Cheese burger for a cop!


(travelmad478) #38

The entire film, pretty much, of The Trip (with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon). It’s basically food porn with some extremely entertaining Michael Caine impressions thrown in. There are two later “Trip” sequels but only the first one is really worth seeing.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

(John) #40

Lunch at Luc’s family home in French Kiss, Lunch at the end of A Good Year. Could be I’d just like lunch in the south of France…