Your favorite bedtime snack?

Hot toasted buttered English muffins with peanut butter and grape jelly. Along with a glass of ice cold milk. Yum. Maybe only twice a week though. Too fattening for us at our age.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hmmm…varies, and don’t do it often, but either popcorn, or a ham and turkey sandwich. Why did you have to put that idea in my head? :grin:


Bourbon and peanuts…


Hoping to save at least half for tommorow.

Tommorow is in about 24 minutes.


Late night snacks are a rarity with me (and never for my partner). It’s usually a bowl of muesli.


Herbal tea and a square of dark chocolate help us wind down from the day.


I love blending frozen mango with a little milk in my mini food processor for a nice fake ice cream treat. Works great with other frozen fruit too. Even better topped with whipped cream!


I’ve twice tried this frozen fruit trick in the processor. It comes out more chilled puree than fake ice cream. Am I doing something wrong or is that how it’s supposed to be?

LOL - yes and yes. You need to take my advice on ice cream with a huge grain of salt. I really hardly eat REAL ice cream but I find this is creamy and cold and usually hits the spot. Also, if you use full fat milk or yogurt, you get more of a creamy texture. But yes, hard to really replicate real ice cream without cream.


When I’m being good (and it’s available), homemade yogurt.

Otherwise something salty. Crackers, cheese, nuts, potato chips if there is an open bag (but just a few).

If I have a late night snack (which I often do, especially these days when dinner is way earlier than I’m used to) I skip breakfast, in a faux-IF fashion. Also I’m not hungry till much later anyway because of the snack.


Of course it depends on the season, and as you know Spaniards & Italians eat alot later than most other cultures. Tapas or Cicchetti hour is approx. 21.30 or 22.00 …

So, we do not “snack” …

We sip a wonderful glass or 2 of wine instead …

In the Winter, we both like something hot to sip, for example an ecological ginger lemon herbal infusión or a caldo de Jérez (consommé) prepared with a Jerez de La Frontera Brandy … Or a Grappa or a cordial …


Does a large glass of brandy accompanied by a modicum of hash count?

Plenty of calories in a decent pour of brandy so I reckon it’s broadly equivalent to a couple of Oreos and a glass of milk.

Probably better soporific values as well.


Genuine question – not being judgy. Is this common for eating a snack before bedtime, or maybe this is a misnomer and it’s about late night cravings if you’re up?

I usually am anti-food before bed because I worry about indigestion and acid reflux. Normally not an issue, but there have been occasions when dinner has come too late or quite frankly, just over-indulged at dinner so I’m not feeling great and I do get heartburn or acid issues when I go to bed. So out of personal preference, I usually don’t like the thought of eating close to bed time.

There have been more than a share of late night snacking, because I’m a night owl so popcorn or chips while I watch a movie until well after midnight is not unusual, but then it’s a good break before I then go to bed. Is it just me that has heartburn just thinking about eating so close to bed time? :sweat_smile:


Just you!

I kid! I kid!

Indigestion/reflux is not my concern at that hour, just my extremely poor judgment.

It is my IDEAL bedtime, but not my actual bedtime.

I just completed a three hour workshop on sleep therapy, so I hope I will do better.

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Cinnamon toast or cheese & crackers. Popcorn a la Alton Brown (ghee, salt and kernels in the pot all together). Spanish peanuts too.
Sometimes a PB&J if dinner was early or not enough, like soup.
Wine or water depending on the day of the week.
Acid reflux can be a problem so no tomato products late in the evening.

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I only (knock on wood) had heartburn when I was very pregnant. I’m still shocked and sad that people regularly feel like that. I was sure I was dying!!! I was so uncomfortable. And in context for my pain tolerance, I had a medicine free labor so I know I can handle a level of intensity.