Your Fav Vinegars - What Do You Always Have/Like/Use?

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You are in good nutty company here, @kobuta

  • White - for cleaning mostly, occasionally in cooking
  • Japanese Rice - Asian dishes, but also anywhere I want neutral vinegar (instead of white)
  • Red Wine, Apple cider - all-purpose
  • Chinese Black - Asian dishes, dipping sauces
  • Malt - cooking (instead of cane)
  • Champagne, Prosecco, White Balsamic, Balsamic, Sherry - dressing, finishing
  • Pomegranate molasses - I used to sub balsamic for this, but now I more often go the other way

That looks like my list, only no malt vinegar and my coconut vinegar is “spiced”.

ETA the “spiced” one is white vinegar.

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Your list isn’t that much longer than mine, so I wouldn’t consider you nutty. I also forgot I have black vinegar for dumpling dipping.

Similar collection here. I have all of those except for the coconut vinegar. I use white and apple cider quite a bit for quick pickles. During fall fruit season I love to saute pears or apples in butter and white or pomegranate balsamic.

The first four are the ones I use the most.
Balsamic, regular and syrupy
Apple cider
Red wine
White wine
Tarragon wine
Distilled white
Rosé wine

White balsamic condimento (affordable versions costs $3-$10 a bottle) for 80 % of my cooking and salads.
Red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, rice vinegar and white vinegar on hand. Apple cider vinegar occasionally.

Malt vinegar on fish and chips, or fries.

Call me nuts too…but I have all of those mentioned and more. Each of them have their uses. I won’t go through the list, but suffice it to say you’re not going to use a good aged balsamic for chicken adobo, and not going to use cider vinegar on roasted asparagus.
I love my vinegars.

I thought this chart might be appropo here


Raisin vinegar? :thinking:

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Really neat, thanks!

I’ve seen raspberry, mango, other fruits (peach, I think). I’ve only ever tried raspberry (sister had it from some frou-frou store) and to me it was pretty much like its filtered apple cousin.

To OP’s question, I’ve got red and white wine, cider (apple!), rice wine (2 kinds, one is sweetened and salted), malted, regular white distilled, balsamic.

Like others have mentioned, I don’t use the balsamic too much - I mainly cook it down into a syrup as a drizzle for grilled salmon, sometimes in a vinaigrette for a specific salad, and to drizzle on some grilled veggies. Oh, the syrup is also good drizzled on grilled pineapple slices.

The others I’ve collected because some recipes are pretty specific about “use red wine vinegar only” etc. Especially a lot of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese (dishes plus, sushi rice), Indian dishes call for rice wine vinegar.

My #1 use for any of them is just to dump a glug (10mL or so) into whatever dish I’m making at the moment that seems it could use some acid. Cured and dried meats often call for vinegar in the marinade (droewers, biltong, others) so there I mainly just use the cheapest, which is the white distilled, because the vinegar’s main goal is pH reduction to avoid spoilage while the water content is still high.


We stock the usual suspects (white, red wine, aged Balsamic), love Banyuls and Sherry, and/but have become a real sucker for the flavored Balsamics from Amphora Nueva. The Blenheim Apricot is revelatory, and an outstanding dressing on fruits and veg (cucumber, or sliced mushrooms). We live close to several outlets, but they ship.


Love grilled salmon. My fav drizzle is honey, lemon juice & zest, minced garlic & parsley. Also really good with a pan sear.

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My family was in the vinegar business 80 years ago. My grandmother, mother, and now I do a flavored vinegar. We use real apple cider vinegar and stuff dill that has gone to seed into the bottle. It makes a delicious salad dressing. I do it a gallon a year. But be sure to use real apple cider vinegar. Note that in the West Heinz gallons are apple cider flavored vinegar-- which is distilled white vinegar with flavoring. I believe that it is distilled vinegar made from petroleum .

Heinz distilled white vinegar is made from corn.