Your Fav Oils - What Do You Always Have/Like/Use?

I try to keep as few on hand as possible, but here are my killers…

California Olive Ranch EVOO 100% CA - I use this for almost everything (except traditional frying). Even when recipes call for neutral oil, the dish is always better with this stuff.

Colavita Canola - Pan frying. I don’t deep fry, but this works/tastes great for the shallow frying I do.

Sesame - Don’t buy/stock it… but have seeds on hand that I toast and Vitamix with EVOO when I need it.

Others I like but rarely have on hand…

Coconut - I like it, but rarely have it on hand, and not sure what it is best for.

Lard - Seriously yum for some things (like carnitas and some baked goods), but usually try and replace it with above options.

And then there are the ones I never use…

Vegetable Shortening.

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Canola or grapeseed for most cooking and roasting. Sometimes sesame (not toasted) / gingelly. During the pandemic we used mostly avocado oil. (I kind of wish peanut and rice bran oil were more easily available in smaller size, because I prefer the flavor.)

Extra virgin olive oil for salads or finishing. I usually have a couple of different types.

Toasted sesame oil for Chinese and Japanese dishes.

Mustard oil for specific dishes.

Not oil but still in the cooking fat category – ghee and butter, both used for specific things quite often.

No lard, no shortening. I stock coconut oil but I don’t cook with it.

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What I have in stock:
Vegetable Oil - my “go to” for basic frying
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - lightly pour on noodles and other Italian dishes and some frying with butter
Canola Oil - I mainly use this for seasoning my cast iron skillets, but will occasionally fry certain items in it.
Sesame Oil - added to some Asian dishes (for taste)
Avocado Oil - For spritzing on air fryer items.
Non-stick spray - for baking items in the convection oven, so they don’t stick to the cooking tray
Bacon Fat - for making eggs over easy
Vegetable shortening - experimenting with pie crusts and certain desserts. I might try the butter flavored Crisco and see if there is a difference.


I keep Sprouts branded extra virgin olive oil as my cooking olive oil.

I keep a few bottles of fancy olive oil:

La Megara from Tunesia and Adams Olive Ranch Ava’s Acre for vinaigrettes and drizzling. Laudemio for when the olive oil is the star of the show.

I keep safflower or sunflower oil, whichever I can find in glass bottles as I’m trying to reduce my consumption of single use plastic. I dislike canola oil as it sometimes tastes fishy to me.

I keep toasted sesame oil.

I keep coconut oil, both virgin and filtered.

I keep unrefined peanut oil.

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I mostly use olive oil (Greek, Italian or Portuguese) and vegetable oil (prefer sunflower or whatever goes into vegetable oil to canola) . Crisco vegetable shortening for pie crust.

Also, toasted sesame oil.

I keep rendered duck and goose fat for a while but rarely use it before tossing it.

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I always have California Olive Ranch olive oil, a big jug of peanut oil for cooking, some fancy olive oil in a small bottle, toasted sesame, ghee, butter (Plugra salted), Crisco, and bacon fat.


My daughter uses a dab of it here and there to strengthen her very fine hair!

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I use sunflower oil for general cooking and frying of all kinds.

Extra virgin olive oil if using raw in salads or anything that doesn’t require cooking.

I love toasted sesame oil in instant noodles, fried rice, etc.

I use coconut oil when making curries usually.

Butter is of course used a lot, I use it in all my baking and I also keep goose fat for making roast potatoes.

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Always in the cupboard:

Supermarket own brand extra virgin olive oil (for general use)

Zaytoun organic Palestinian extra virgin olive oil (for “best”)

Cold pressed rapeseed oil (for best when I don’t want southern/eastern Mediteranean flavour)

Sesame oil (for the occasional use in East Asian dishes)

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In the pantry:
Expeller pressed walnut oil and/or avocado oil - frying, sauteing
Extra virgin olive oil - salads, some cooking (but not at very high temps)
Shortening - deep frying, pastry

In the fridge:
Toasted sesame oil - dressings, sauces, stir fries (usually drizzled in at the end)
Chile oil/crisp - condiment, sauce addition
Cold pressed walnut oil - dressings
Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil - dressings

In the freezer:
Unsalted butter
Rendered pork fat/drippings
Rendered beef fat
Rendered duck fat

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Favorite general cooking fat: bacon fat

I also use:
Peanut oil for deep frying
Coconut oil for curries/SE asia dishes/stir fries/anything where I want a hint of coconut flavor
Non-fancy (but still extra virgin) olive oil
Duck/chicken fat
Rendered tallow/lard

Finishing/salad oils:
Fancy olive oil for salads
Roasted peanut oil
Sesame oil


Extra virgin olive oil: 1 for cooking and baking, a few really flavourful ones for drizzling.
Home rendered lard: baking and frying
Duck fat: frying, making confit
Sesame oil: asian foods cooked and uncooked
Butter and clarified butter: slathered on bread, cooking, baking
Coconut oil: for cooking some south Indian recipes and for some baking
Peanut oil: deep frying
Pumpkinseed oil: salads
Walnut and hazelnut oil: baking, salads
Suet: steamed puddings

Everyday oils/fats:
Kirkland EVOO
Vegetable or Canola oil
Toasted Sesame oil (I often make stir fry or dipping sauces)
Some other fancy EVOO for salads and drizzling

“Special” fats:
Duck fat. I make duck once or twice a year and always save the fat.
Crisco for holiday baking
Plugra or other European butter if I’m baking a lot of bread

Some information on Crisco, if you’re not already familiar with it:

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Peanut for stir frying

EVOO and Sesame for finishing oils.

California Olive Ranch EVOO is my go-to. I aim for 100% CA, but sometimes it’s not available and have to go with their Global Medium (which isn’t bad, but it’s no the 100% CA).

Toasted sesame oil
Peanut oil
Canola oil
Walnut Oil (probably need to get rid of since I’ve rarely used it)
Duck fat (most in my freezer)

  • Peanut, coconut, or sunflower oil for frying at high temps

  • TJ’s Greek kalamata oil (or other olive oils) for salads and sautéing

  • Toasted nut oils (walnut, hazelnut, pistachio) for vinaigrettes

  • Toasted sesame oil for Chinese/Japanese dishes

  • Bacon, duck, and goose fat for frying and sautéing

Fun little read. I only use Crisco to grease bread pans, but after forty years of baking they are brown and slick enough I could probably forego it. It does, however, do a great job at this task.


Rest In Peace, Loretta Lynn.


I rarely use walnut either and do not keep it on hand. It is a bit of a shame. Walnut oil and raspberry infused wine vinegar on a Bibb lettuce salad is one of my favorites.

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