Your Fav BBQ Tool?

I’m up early, with today’s brisket just into the Texas Pit. The sides are pretty much ready, and I’ve got about 12 hours to wait… and babysit the fire.

So I thought it opportune to ask: What is/are your favorite BBQ or grill tools? Hi-tech thermometers? A humble spray bottle? A trapdoor briquet chimney? Firemen’s gloves? Meat “claws”?

For a simple cooking process, there are SO many tools, accoutrements and accessories, it can be bewildering.

What do you favor?

Chimney. Patience, and a watchful eye during cooking.


I don’t know if this counts, but I just use a simple Hibachi tabletop grill.
When I trim my Mesquite tree, I save the small limb wood and burn it in this little grill. It’s perfect for Sunshine and me, as she loves both flame cooked hot dogs and hamburgers.

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My teeth. For chewing the results!

I’d vote for tongs as most useful cooking implement.


Good tongs


Metal tongs… Stupidly, I (partially) melted my plastic (end) tongs.

Lesson Learned!!



I have tongs in different length. The extra long ones are good to arrange the charcoal when I’m creating different levels. About 24” long. 18” for basic cooking. 12” for fiddling with small things.

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The grill: gas or charcoal, don’t have a fancy pellet appliance.

I think my fav is this long handled grill basket which I mostly use for marinated swordfish steaks, prawns, and Satay (or any skewered food). Beautiful grill marks and no sticking.


a good fire


I use one of these for shrimp, fish, pizza, tortillas etc.

grill pan


Tongs, followed closely by the beer cooler/lounge chair/umbrella trio.


A friend told me about these ‘copper’ grill mats a few years ago. They really help when grilling anything that would otherwise fall through the grill garages.


I should het another one of these–in stainless. My plated one rusted out very fast.

Kinda related, at a yard sale (yes, slow learner) I bought a wire “tumble basket” that mounts on a rotisserie spit. The idea is that food morsels will tumble within the squirrel cage and be easily and uniformly browned. Nice concept, but doesn’t work on any of my rotisseries.

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I totally get the babysitting…

Which is why my favorite tool is an electric smoker!

Also a remote or blue tooth thermometer


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:thinking: Wait… Are we talking BBQ or grilling?

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Garages!!! :woozy_face::woozy_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I would definitley say BBQ!

Like the ones used to blister peppers? Do you mind sharing a picture?