Your best "stupid, easy, fast and hot" meal....

Spaghetti Carbonara, made with extra egg (about three eggs for two pasta servings). It takes just as much time as boiling plain spaghetti.


You’re so sweet Gretchen, thank you. I was just lazy. It’s funny, I was on a train to NYC Friday, and I had a lot of time on my hands, so I’m looking through my phone and tell my husband, oh, look - it has this and that feature and he’s like - yeah, that feature was introduced years ago. Oh, well… as I said, eggs are wfd tonight (:grimacing:I have to search later for an emoji with egg on its face).

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@HungryAllTheTime, click the bookmark on a post you want to save for later. I think those all go into your “tags” file in your profile. Might be easier to search that way. @naf, can you confirm if that’s true? (I’ve not used the bookmark feature.)

And there you go. I hadn’t read that far. LOL

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Omelet (with arugula and a sprinkle of parm) and some store bought rosemary fries. Add a nice glass of wine and that was dinner.


@HungryAllTheTime - a couple of ideas:

  1. When you read a post on WFD that you want to save or reference later, hit the bookmark below the post - then you can just look through your bookmarks instead of searching the thread

  2. If something on WFD “qualifies” as quick & easy, you can link it here - click the link symbol below the post, copy, and come here and paste it - it will create a link to that post on this thread

  3. I keep a separate list of ideas for myself - I’m sure others do too. I use Evernote.

  4. The search feature here on HO is really good if you have something specific . For eg @ChristinaM asked me about a dish I mentioned on the weekly planning thread - I knew I had posted it at some point - it took a few seconds to filter the search by myself (as poster) and home cooking.

ETA: sorry, I hadn’t read through the responses when I replied. I’ll just leave this here anyway.


Pasta - butter and pepper, or cacio e pepe

Eggs - scrambled eggs are not my easy eggs (stirring gently takes a while!) - but fried eggs are quick. Omelette somewhere in between. Chawanmushi was a favorite for a while, felt more special than a fried egg with not much more work.

Toast! Anything on top… cheese, ham, marmite, tinned sardines, and so on.

Anda (egg) paratha - beat an egg with salt and chilli powder, pour onto an oiled fry pan. When it’s half set, top with paratha or tortilla and press down to spread the egg. Flip to crisp a bit. Sprinkle some chaat masala or chilli powder and a squeeze of lime. Some quick-picked onions are great too. Roll up or fold (egg side in) and tuck in. Whole thing takes 5 mins. A more elaborate version of this is to roll up some leftover kababs or vegetables or paneer in the egg paratha - called a kathi roll or frankie.

Salmon is remarkably quick - my meal yesterday took maybe 15 mins - the salmon only needed 5, the sweet potato took 5-7 mins in the PC, and the sauce came together in the meantime (and could have been skipped and replaced by ready zhoug or hot sauce or salsa).


Stirfry of sorts…always thin sliced beef or chicken in the freezer, along with frozen peas, corn, spinach, mixed vegetables. whether it is an Asian inspired or just some canned chopped tomatoes and touch of some red or green pepper, garlic and oil… it is never quite the same but always works.
On a different note, “in with the new out with the old”…jettisoned the house in south Florida and purchased a new one about 6 miles away coupled with both Mrs. PH and I both celebrated our birthdays this past week, made for a wonderful December. The new kitchen, (pictures to follow) is roughly double in size as the old… Haven’t done any cooking yet in the new digs, and have not much to post, but playing house with Mrs. PH and having fun…


In my leftover category…cold rice with leftover proteins, veggies, dash of dark soy sauce, a drop or two of sesame oil and a splash of Miren some sugar and two over easy on top.
Two poached eggs on an English melted with cheddar.

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@HungryAllTheTime @LindaWhit

I’ve just created a thread on bookmarking a post. You can see it here.


I was just thinking that!! It’s perfect!! I remember getting the “recipe” in home ec when I was a kid. Seriously - I think it was the first one we did.


My mother made it for us as kids. Good food memories last a lifetime.


One of my favorite quick dishes, with a few chopped chives thrown in for good measure.


Three bean curry!

Fry onions and garlic. Add spices (or curry powder/paste) & a tin of tomatoes. Simmer for a bit. Add three tins of beans - whatever you have in but try for a mix (chickpeas, flageolet and butter beans work for me). Warm through. Eat.

That usually feeds the two of us plus smallish leftovers for freezing for a future brown gloop dinner.


I really like that boxed soup! Yes, to quesadillas or grilled cheese. Fried egg sandwiches too.

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Very similar to my dried apricot lentils. Try adding some chopped apricots and a splash of coconut milk, @Harters :wink:

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They say if you have eggs and bread you have a meal. In my house, just replace eggs with cheese!

Preheat oven, slash cheese a few times, bake 10-15 minutes. Set up bread and/or potatoes in the meantime.

What else does one want? Cheese is the best food!

But I could also do eggs (as long as I don’t have to boil and peel any. No, no, NO.)

Best with lots of crispy chilli in oil


Lots of excellent ideas. Most people have things in their fridge always, or pantry always, so those make the best quick and easy meals.

If you have bread and cheese, grilled cheese. If you have tortillas, quesadilla. If you have leftover rice, a quick fried rice. If you have kimchi or fermented other veg, throw those in. Eggs on top or stirred in. If you have canned broth, soup with mystery leftover bits. Leftover pasta, toss that in. Scramble eggs and mix them in with diced anything - frittata.

When cooking for 1, I always have frozen gyoza and a jar of kimchi - super quick, filling. There is often ravioli in my fridge.

As far as cooking, the hardest thing about proteins is you have to shop shortly in advance, or defrost the night before. But if you can manage that, any protein chopped with any veg and a quick dribble of oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, etc., makes a good stirfry.

Pasta a million ways. I love to open up a bunch of pickled veg (pickles, artichokes, roast peppers, olives) and toss them with cooked and cooled pasta. Use the marinades as your dressing. Toss in canned beans for protein. Or slice some salami in there.

Pasta, cooked, cooled, and tossed with diced cukes, scallions, and pb or miso mixed with a little oil, sugar, soy, hot sauce.

I used to make a lot of chopped veg, fried briefly in a saute pan with some croutons, a little bit of cheese, and put a sunny side egg on top.

I’m pretty sure that if you saute a little onion or garlic in oil, add some pureed tomato and cream, and simmer it for 10 min, that is tomato soup. Float crackers in it.

Breakfast for dinner is a winner here. Whipping up a batch of pancake batter and heating some frozen sausage links is so much less work than a savory dinner, with all the chopping. If you have frozen fruit, make a quick compote and call it healthy. We pick berries every summer and always have frozen fruit.

Good luck!


Fried rice! Forgot that great vehicle for pretty much anything!


This is exactly what I have when I’m feeling too tired to make something more elaborate, but I never had a name for it! (My mom considers it a lazy sort of jian bing.)