Your best "stupid, easy, fast and hot" meal....

We’ve all been there, right?

You didn’t shop for dinner.
You didn’t take anything out of the freezer.
Your brain is on strike because of all of the “stuff” that’s rattling around inside.
Coming up with something cohesive just isn’t in the cards.

Well, @pilgrim made one of these a few nights ago and posted on the WFD thread (packaged/frozen 4-cheese tortellini in boxed chicken bone broth. Wine. )

And we thought it deserved it’s very own thread.

What are your quick and dirty but oh-so-tasty meals that you either keep tucked away as a fail-safe way to feed the grumblies in your tumbly (thank you, Winnie the Pooh for that phrase!), or what is the “I opened the fridge and freezer and I came up with this and holy crap it was really really good and I need to remember to do this again!” meal?


As for me, my standby is cream cheese scrambled eggs and toasted English muffin. My sister and her BFF in high school came up with this at 2-3 a.m. after a night out of drinking and … ummm, other stuff of the weed variety. :wink:

Several eggs, whupped well with a whisk, adding a blup of heavy cream, s/p to taste and then small pieces of cream cheese and mix carefully.

Melt butter in a nonstick pan over low heat, pour in the egg mixture, and cook on low heat, stirring frequently, to a “still soft, creamy, just barely wet” curds.

Plate, add minced chives if you want, and make sure that there’s an English muffin that has the PSTOB on it.


Frozen TJ’s falafel patties with stupid easy sauce waffled inside a pita
Toaster oven pizza
Boxed soups
Waffled pbj
Eggs any way


Toaster oven pizza! OMG, I haven’t done one of those in a dog’s age! You can even make them “homemade” with a sub roll and tomato sauce and cheese. LOL


Steamed rice with leftovers from the frig as toppings
Hot oatmeal with jarred nuts and dried fruit
Stuffed avocado with canned tuna or chicken


Chicken tenders on pasta with marinara used to be our now-adult son’s request. He would call from across town, “Am en route. Boil water.”

Frozen chicken tenders cook in a flash, covered, in a “small” amount of butter. They thaw as they brown and stay moist in the center.
Boil pasta, rotelli in our case. Open and nuke (Rao’s or Newman’s) marinara. Plunk chicken on drained pasta, drizzle with the remaining pan butter, top with sauce and Parmesan,.


Tinned fish or ready cooked chicken thighs, instant noodles, finely chopped leafy green ( kale is ideal) , spring onions, Siracha and hoisin sauce.

Chop chicken or break up fish into bite size pieces. Add quick cook noodles to boiling water along with the greens. Finely chop the spring onions. Once cooked drain noodle and greens and add to a bowl. Top with chicken/fish and spring onions. Squirt siracha and hoisin all over. Mix all together and eat.


I like that measure, “a blup”! I bet this would also work well with Boursin instead of cream cheese.


Thanks for this thread Linda! Too bad it is a one time thread (you know the kind - those that are great but fade away and we have to remember what they were called to get to them over time?). Is there any way to have a monthly WFD - easy/fast and a monthly WFD - fancy double feature? Or, better yet, when you create the WFD thread each month - have a reminder for people to indicate a 1 to 5 (easy to fancy) on their meals. That way, those of use who are not fancy chefs, don’t have time or are not in the mood - can search for the ones or twos :slight_smile: and not have to search through the entire 800 or so postings. Just an idea.


We’ve barely started.
Let’s see how many ideas we get.

It has nothing to do with how many ideas on this thread. It has to do with the ease (or lack there of) of finding an interesting meal on the wfd thread that was previously posted. I am new here, so maybe I don’t know all the tricks, but it is quite difficult to find them. If this evening for example I need something quick and instead of searching google, I want to search the wfd thread, because of all the great ideas I remember seeing, it is quite difficult. I can search for spaghetti, for example, but instead if I were able to search for the 1’s and 2’s, I would have more of a variety of suggestions.


Costco has some decent stuffed peppers (not as good as Mrs. P makes), when Mrs. P is too tired to cook. She just adds more bread crumbs to them to get the crispy crust, and heats them up. We just drown them in Gochujang or Sriracha.

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Stealing this…


Me too but I rarely have cream and they work just fine without it (just saying lack of cream shouldn’t stop anyone, not that it’s a bad thing to use it).

Cheese omelette.

GreenNoodles with any leftover veg and protein (and if I am lucky some scallions) and either butter/soy or Laoganma.

WF barley and green lentils with butter and a bit of sherry vinegar and there are almost always roasted tomatoes in the freezer to go on top but otherwise a fried egg.


I felt the same way a few months into reading HO. I found the best way to capture a recipe, idea or resource is to cut and paste the info while reading into a note app and review later. I can always delete or consolidate later.


I think @bbqboy means, Let’s see if this thread gains traction, which is something I struggle to do all the time here on HO. I’m so sad to be more of a lurker then a contributor these days but I read and love at all.

(I think it will gain plenty of traction.)


Or you can always bookmark them down at the bottom of the page.


We always keep a container or two of Mama Mancini’s Beef Meatballs in the freezer. Cook with whatever marinara sauce and pasta is hanging around - that’s our #1 go to.

Another pantry staple is Pacifica brand boxed Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup. Heat that with a little bit of cream shaken in the carton. If no bread, then cheese quesadillas for grilled cheese. Or grated cheese into the hot soup with lots of oyster crackers or saltines.


Thanks so much. Tell me, is there any way to bookmark a single post from a thread? The “cut and paste” will never work for me.

Why yes there is. :grin: