Your best hamburger experience. No boundaries. No regions excluded.

Lets start a discussion that identifies the single best hamburger you’ve ever been served. I’ll start.

The Little Owl, East Village, Manhattan.

What’s yours?

Doe’s my house count? Nowhere else even close!


I’d also choose my house, but…

In NYC I still love the Corner Bistro burger, and though I haven’t had one in 15 plus years the Peter Luger lunch burger was excellent. I don’t suppose we’re counting things like the cumin lamb burger at X’ian in Flushing - but if we are that’s the best lamb burger I’ve ever had.

Although I can tell you that the cheeseburgers they used to serve at the Tomorrowland Terrace in Disneyland (by the bandshell) were some of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. Of course that WAS fifty years ago.:slight_smile:

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Not too many places here in the Motor City offers Lamb Burgers. But one that does, Vinsetta Garage, does theres O so very well!

I can sometimes produce a really terrific burger on our Weber. But not as good as this guy in his kitchen:

The Bird in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. Their burgers are the stuff dreams are made of.


That is eXACTly what I was going to write. Beat me to it :slight_smile:


Is there something that contributes to German Beef taste wise
or does the setting factor in?

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The restaurant is just a casual pub, nothing to write home about atmosphere-wise. Here’s what they have to say about their beef:

I think it’s the small details that really make their burgers stand out. I’ve never had an overcooked burger there, nor a dry one. They are the perfect size and thickness for my liking, always well-seasoned and oozing fatty juices. The owners make their own blue cheese dressing in house, and it is fabulous. Hand cut french fries are also amazing. I always order a patty melt (on rye) and it is always perfectly buttered and toasted, the onions grilled to tenderness. Everything a burger should be!


You make me want to book a flight. :slight_smile:

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I have taken note. Thanks.

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The best burger is the one I am eating now.

But my two favorite restaurant burgers are the regular burger at Minetta (black label is good too, but I actually prefer the regular) and the lunch burger at Luger’s.

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I still dream about the mushroom burger from this place:

It looks something like this:

(Yes that’s a huge slab of bacon you see on the burger)

Other than that, the best hamburger is experience is a drunken one. I prefer
(White Rose System, Highland Park NJ) or


Frenchie Burger at Bar Bolud would deserve honorable mention.

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My nomination for best burger in Europe would have to be Peder Oxe on Gråbrødretorv in Copenhagen. The burger is absolutely fabulous and can be ordered without a bun in the Danish style with salads, the rest of the food is all good, and the restaurant itself has a certain ambiance as it’s in a a 400 year old building:

the last image was stolen from Trip Advisor


The oxe burger at Peder Oxe is € 20.49 with no bun, salad bord, & baked potato, or € 21.86 with bun, fries and tarragon mayonnaise:

Those are very reasonable prices for Copenhagen since service is included, and if you are ever there I highly recommend you try one.

Quite a price! :grimacing:

Scandinavia in general is not cheap, the big cities especially not, and you have to remember those prices as noted above include service.

So you have to compare this for example to Minetta in NYC which runs $ 24 for the regular burger with no tip, or Luger that runs about $ 20 with cheese and fries with no tip.

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I had a cheeseburger in northern Italy (Tuckett hut in the Dolomites, near Pinzolo ) last week which tasted very gamey, almost dry aged. I wasn’t sure whether it was the local beef or some aging process. The cheese was a thick slab that had been grilled separately to melt it, served next to the burger. Ketchup was a tomato salsa. Very impressive local rendition.

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Weird. Everyone’s Transendent burger experience is in Europe. I’m pondering this,
having grown up in cattleland.

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