Your best hamburger experience. No boundaries. No regions excluded.

Nope, best burger in the world, IMO is the lunch burger at Luger in Brooklyn. Here are some shots:

It’s made from Dry Aged USDA Prime steak trimmings and is absolutely fabulous. Simply the best you will ever have.

I like to sit at the bar at Luger, which pretty much hasn’t changed since I first went there in the early 80’s.

The Luger burger is an American Icon.


And for me the Minetta burger at Minetta Tavern is a close 2nd:

I’m not as big a fan of the Black Label, which is a little fatty for my taste.

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I’ve had me one of those, although this is the Ben & Jacks version of the Lugers burger. Never had the Lugers to compare but I can say this was pretty darn good.

Being not much of a burger guy I will vote this my favorite.

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My favorite is here in France, a layer of sauteed onions served on the bread base, a layer of thinly sliced hot smoked duck breast covered in bearnaise sauce. Homemade charolais beef patty served rare with a piece of fresh pan fried fois gras served on top. All served with a good green salad and a pile of crispy fries. 14 euros. Delicious but very filling and normally washed down with a bottle Maranges wine.


Wow! :grinning: That sounds decadent. And that sounds delicious. All at the same time.

Where do you get that, and what is it called?

I’m living in Burgundy it is served in a local family restaurant they call it a Perigourdin burger

Damn! But maybe I’ll be able to find one in Paris. Thanks.

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That sounds dreamy :heart_eyes:

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Well here’s a recipe if anybody wants to try one:

Charolais is pretty lean and tough. I’m betting it could be improved with Aberdeen Angus. Also they use duck foie gras in the recipe, but you would prolly have to use goose here.

Well, not exactly a meal, but burger related. Yesterday morning while walking the dogs, we found that a local burger place trashed their old sign. This morning we decided that leaving it for trash seemed sad, so we tossed it in the truck and hung it on our side yard fence.


No boundaries . . .

(The movie reference aside), I will vote for my 40+ yr memories and hundreds of life-experiences at the White Castles of the Bronx. Now I am Florida, where there are good burgers to be had, but the burgers of my youth get better with each layer of nostalgia I add in my memory banks. We don’t have WC here (please don’t remind me about those sad frozen supermarket ones), but when I go up north on vacation, we actually plan the route to start hitting White Castle locations at the earliest opportunity. Now, first place in the “second string” might be any number of grease-laden medium rare creations, such as one I had this weekend at a company picnic. Wonderful! (But I stubbornly dig in my heels for WC as my “best hamburger experience!!!”)


This is terrific on so many counts!

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My best hamburger experience: FatApple’s Restaurant in Berkeley, CA.

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I just had to share:

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An Austin’s Favorite at Mad Dog and Beans, circa 1979 in Austin, Tx.

A half pound of medium rare ground on a soft bun and garnished with shredded cheddar, alfalfa sprouts and avocado. Maybe mayo. Hand cut fries.


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My own . I ground short rib and some skirt steak together .Formed them into thin , almost slider patties . S & P . Cooked on CI skillet . A couple patties on a ciabatta bun with ketchup and mayo . No veggies . So juicy I needed a bib .


Awesome photos. Thank you for posting these!

Perhaps this deserves a topic all it’s own but the classic English muffin is the most underrated bread product in my opinion.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold