Your beloved meatball recipes wanted

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I would think so. If you don’t mind a bit of taste of five spice then go right ahead and experiment.

I would even try adding gochujang next time I make it.

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I would prefer more of a savory flavor like your recipe. But since I have all of that sauce I’ll do an Asian Meatball dish this time :relaxed:.

Gochujang! Finally, something I already have a lot of.

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From another thread, here is the recipe for real Swedish meatballs from the big Rutiga Kokboken, which is like the bible of Swedish food.

The recipe is extremely simple and relies on having really good quality meat.

4 tsp breadcrumbs
2 dl water
400 gm ground meat (mix of pork & beef)
1 egg
Salt & pepper

Mix in a bowl, form balls, and fry by rolling them around to brown on all sides.

That’s it !

Skånska köttbullar are made entirely with ground pork, in Denmark they do the same pork only but call these frikadeller.

Tore Wretman, a famous cook in Sweden who used to run the Operakälleren restaurant, has a slightly more complicated recipe for Swedish meatballs as follows:

2 hg beef
1 hg veal
1 hg pork, gladly fatty
2 dl heavy cream
1 dl stale white bread
1 egg
1/2 onion finely chopped onion
Black Pepper

Soak bread in cream. Tore runs all the meat through a grinder 3-4 times, the last two times with the bread milk mixture. Heat the onion in a little butter until it softens. Add onion to meat mixture, season with salt and pepper.

He uses two spoons to form the balls, making them a little larger if for a meal, or a little smaller for the smorgasbord. They should be fried by rolling them around in a little butter, and then placed in a warm dish in a low oven.

The recipe above is from his book Husmanskost (classic cooking).

In any case when the meatballs are done you need to make the sauce.

When the meatballs are done add a little extra butter or fat to the pan and a tablespoon of flour. Brown the flour slightly and add the juices (sky) which collects at the bottom of dish holding the meatballs to the pan together with heavy cream or whole milk scraping up any brown bits. A little soy sauce may be added to the sauce at this stage, Tore uses Japanese, but most other Swedes use something called Colorit which is a thickened soy that helps to make the sauce brown. Cook everything together until sauce thickens.

Again, really simple and no nutmeg or allspice.

Unless these are part of a smörgåsbord, the meatballs are usually served with the sauce, either boiled or mashed potatoes, lingon berries, and a fresh cucumber salad.

Finally, meatballs are NEVER served with noodles in Sweden. Helga finds this hillarious when she sees it in the US.

Swedish meatballs aren't Swedish after all?

I’m about to make some!

Hope it’s okay to park one of my favorite CH threads.

Need help for really good meatballs.

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I made 4 dozen, two types earlier today for the game.

ground pork mixed with scallion, egg yolk, lime, panko, fresh ginger, cilantro leaves. Baked in oven. Dip, a mix of lime ponzu, toasted sesame oil and tamari.

ground lamb mixed with crumbled feta cheese pan fried in grapeseed oil and served with plain roasted tomatoe puree.


I LOVE lamb meatballs.

Mine will be beef and pork. I seem to recall using gelatin when you don’t have veal. Anybody know of this?

Here it is!

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I have never thought to add gelatin. I’m a big fan of lamb anything!


I recently made the meatball recipe from Rao’s and the end product was fantastic! I used meatloaf mix from my local grocery, which worked wonderfully. I also made the suggested sauce - highly recommend!

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Lamb meatballs by preference, otherwise mixed beef and pork sausage.

Roast veg for sides.


I’ve made these a few times and it is always a hit at my house:


is the alessi white vinegar balsamic reduction not that sweet?
What other alessi reduction have. you used?
I have some aged balsamic reduction that is a glaze, too sweet but great on strawberries However I have problem eating strawberries
Cannot find the access white vinegar coconut reduction anywhere except buying it thru amazon then odd it on alessi website
Need to buy $20.00 worth fo free shipping.
So, wander if I should stock up on this and perhaps the chocolate one ( supposed to be great on steak sandwiches?)
How about the mustard one?


If you want to do a meatless ball i’ve made these several times, although not recently.
They actually work better using canned lentils (!) since they are very soft. I leave out the dried cranberries. It’s best to chill the mix in the fridge at least and hour or two (or longer if you want) before rolling into balls, just makes it easier. I make them fairly small and get twice as many as the recipe says.
They’re delicious and very filling from the lentils and walnuts.
I’ve never made the cranberry sauce recipe suggested with this, usually i serve ontop of a salad, but they’re great with a mushroom gravy or red sauce too


I should have mentioned this. I couldn’t find that reduction either at my local store and I wasn’t about to special order it. I used this instead:

I actually have the raspberry one but haven’t even opened it yet. I should try it!