You need a Coney Island in Detroit?

Here’s your list:

Have you been to #8- Duly’s? Albanian music and dancing at 2:00 am. My kinda place. :smiley:
BTW, is a looseburger like a Maid-Rite or Nu-Way?

Yup. Duly’s really is in the top three of Coney Island restaurants in Detroit!

My understanding of a looseburger (Detroit Style) is that its ground beef in place of a hot dog, and offered for those who don’t do encased meats. I would never choose it in place of the classic Coney Island.

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Interesting. A chili dog without the dog, or actual browned hamburger?

It is loose ground beef kept warm in a container on the flat top grill; then served in a hot dog bun, covered with chili sauce, onions and yellow mustard.

Coincidentally, most of the real “local” Coney Island Diners–those still in a Greek or Albanian family, make up their own chili sauce. (And guard their secret recipes for it).

Those are some seriously good looking coneys. I see a hot dog lover like myself could have a blast in Detroit.

I have to say, too, as much as I am a traditionalist when it comes to hot dogs, I seriously want to try those lobster corn dogs at Coach Insignia (looked up a picture on the website).


One disclaimer here. Comerica Park & Ford Field DO NOT belong on this list. I’ve spent too much dine money at both venues, and they’re both gawd awful.

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Bring a very full wallet when you visit, Bruce.

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I’m sorry RJ but with all due respect that list is crap.

Isn’t no. 14, Five Guys, the burger chain ???

It does not include Onassis Coney Island on Michigan Ave across from the Stadium, which is CLEARLY Detroit’s best Coney.

American and Lafayette are not in the same league, it is all about the meat sauce.

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You won’t find the new Detroit Gentry here, VK. This place is sketchy. And gives seedy a bad name.

What about OLD gentry? grumble, mumble…

Used to live in Park & Farms (with friends and family in all the Pointes) and worked in the Medical School on E Canfield next to Receiving and the Eye hospitals. So Onassis was a little easier to get to, also had great breakfast, anytime.

Liked them all, there really isn’t such a thing as a bad Coney. But I always thought the Onassis meat sauce was a little better than American, Lafayette, Woodward, etc.


Another “no dog”:


Metro Detroit has a significant and wonderful alternative food culture nurtured by Mexican and Latin American immigrants, Bone. Yet, I’ve never seen this on any menu here. I’d be one to try it! But wouldn’t book a trip to Chi-town for this only.

Thank you for your post!

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I love this. Because…the chili sauce–place to place IS different if the restaurant is still in the hands of an extended family; and not a corporation.

There aren’t many “pure” palates in metro Detroit, VK. Too many Marlboros smoked, too many Heaven Hill shots with a beer chaser, to qualify any of us–let me say that again–any of us, as gourmands.

But we all can differentiate among the few chili sauce toppings offered diner to diner.

Thanks for your post. Made me smile

Hey Jimmy are the Checker Bar and Nemos still getting it done for burgers?

I used to hit up Brownies on the lake up in the Shores in the old days but I heard they went bust and then came back gourmando.

How bout The Old Shillelagh ? Still kicking?

No one has been able to figure out how to duplicate the magic of the original Brownies. It’s been in at least six or seven hands since your sojourn here. Is it a fish house? Is it a steakhouse? Is it a tavern? Is it a roadhouse? Unfortunately now (my opinion) just a hipster bar with a below average kitchen. The beached Chris Craft is still up the stairs tho.

IMHO, if you’re looking for quality food waterside on the eastside of Detroit, Sindbad’s still rules the waves. Would swear that some of the servers have been there since the '40s. And they’re still bringing sass.

Yes. But then, metro Detroit has really elevated its game when talking about a nice bar burger. Dozens and dozens of just, corner joints produce a terrific burger day in, day out. We have a half dozen within five miles of The Manse that serve up a burger, fries and domestic beer for $5.50 at lunch. I could be embalmed in cholesterol if I didn’t have restraint. :sunglasses:

Nemo’s has always been problematic for me. I take guests there at least once a summer before a Tigers game. Dang if the owner and I don’t get into a pissing match each and every time because the burgers take sooooo long to get to us. First World problem, I know.

Marlboros, Heaven Hill shots . . . Loren D Estleman and Elmore Leonard on the bookshelf.

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You betcha! Gotta love those native sons.

Duly’s Place rules those other places for tourists and suburban folks. Real Detroit folks eat Dulys here’s link Enjoy from a lifelong Detroit born n raised 60 years young.

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