You need a Coney Island in Detroit?

Hey don’t forget the Chaldeans. Where would food in Dearborn be without them?

What’s your favorite Syrian place these days?

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Al Chabab be the only Syrian eatin spot I know of, the owner from Aleppo The most Unique Fantastic Syrian food ever, the Master Chef owner worked in a Syrian 5 star hotel that brought his Crafted meals here . First of many visits to come had the Famous Falafel Salad oh my Fabulous and the mix platter of Meats come with Fattoush n Hummus a real meal deal, Super prices on everything. Owner treats all like family. We will try more of the menu very soon. For 10 years I’ve been missing out on a Gem in Dearborn. The start with this unique spicy red sauce on pita bread very addicting. The Foul very best me ever eat. Super salad called Falafel Fatoush a most beautiful dish with loads of flavor.

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While not strictly speaking a Detroit Coney, please see a shot of today’s lunch:

Two uncured Sabretts all beef smothered in chili and surrounded by tortilla chips topped with melty cheddar, onions and fresh chilis.

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Honestly, that looks delectable! :relaxed:

Michigan is taking in, amongst all the states, the most Syrian refugees this year. So maybe there will be a sizeable community there in the future. ( I think its mostly Detroit)

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It was tasty !!!

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Well this has been posted elsewhere, but yet again I’m reminded of an apocryphal story from the early 80’s Detroit.

At that time the best middle eastern restaurant in Detroit was run by a Lebanese acquaintance.

One day the Syrian counsel called him up to order a banquet with a whole lamb prepared in the Syrian manner. The counsel was very insistent on this point, and made sure my friend repeated his order precisely as regarded the Syrian lamb.

The evening of the big event arrived and commenced with belly dancing and numerous courses of mezes and plenty of raki.

Finally the big moment arrived and the lamb in all its greasy glory surrounded by safron pilaf and dates arrived on a huge platter that was placed in front of the counsel.

The counsel lifted the brain case to offer this choicest of morsels to his guest of honor, only to find the case was empty.

He called for my friend and inquired what in hades was going on.

To which my Lebanese friend replied, “Well you were very specific that you wanted the lamb prepared in the Syrian manner…”

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Hey, what about Harmonie Garden:

Looks like they have some serious Syrian fusion cuisine going on.

Do we have a review?

Lafayette is going to be seeing more out-of-towners:

Well then there is this:

Interesting article about the Coneys:

According to the article, American is selling more Coney’s in Vegas than Detroit.

They also are shipping Coney kits, but would you order something like that?

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