"You have sent too many replies to this person!"

A few members said they’ve experienced this. There seem to be a maximum replies limit for each type of users especially new members by the HO bot, when you reply to the same person.

@hungryonion What is the limit?

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I’ve experienced this too, minus the expletives.

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Me too. I usually just ignore the message and continue on posting.


I’ve never seen this, but I’m laughing at @naf 's post in how the HO bot is addressing the issue of too many responses. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve had this come up in the past — when replying to a single user many times (like a conversation). Think is was @shrinkrap on one or more ingredient-specific rabbit holes probably.

Don’t know whether the software does it so you’re aware and move what could be a 1-on-1 conversation into direct messaging, or more likely to have threads involve more people than just 2, or what.

But agree, it was annoying.


sequential replies threshold

Number of posts a user has to make in a row in a topic before being reminded about too many sequential replies.

I’ve upped the replies from 5 to 15. I think we should be ok now.


I don’t know if it bothered me. It did make me stop and think…and usually keep going.

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