Yes, I am Eating/Cooking it again....

Sometimes I get on a food kick and go for an extended period of time craving, cooking and ordering specific food or prep.

Fried foods, soups, pasta, seafood, salads…I once went an entire week putting roasted garlic on and in everything.

I usually get over the obsession after a week or so. This week, or at least since Sun has been soup…I have made ham and potato, broccoli and cheese, Manhattan chowder. Didn’t want another cream based…so Manhattan…

Do you ever get a hankering for something and just go ahead and surrender to it until you bore yourself?

Yup. I go through phases. I just got back from Mexico a few weeks ago and it’s been tacos!

Yup. I get on a flavor kick… like wanting Greek food a few days in a row (lemon, oregano, rosemary garlic, paprika – you get the picture). E.g. last week we had grilled pork chops one day, split BISO chicken breasts roasted in the oven the next.

Oh dear God, I had a mushroom pate at a friend’s house a few weeks ago, and I’ve made 5 batches since. I think I need an intervention.