YELP weirdness/Denial of Service

Yesterday I wanted a cheesesteak and fries. I called my go to spot. The woman who answered said I was on their list of people to whom they would not deliver. I thought it was a mistake–not only do I promptly pay via credit card, I have tipped very generously even before the pandemic and even more so since. So I called back and got a real attitude of “No, we won’t deliver to you.” She explained that my 1-star Yelp review was the reason. Those who know me know that I am averse to social media and would never post a review to Yelp (or TripAdvisor or FaceBook, etc)). It seems a “Kim G” posted a bad review. Are there more than 100 "Kim G"s in the area?

I requested the manager call me back, which she did. And she reiterated they would not fulfill any order I made.

I have ordered from this spot one or two times a week for ten years. Prior to that I have eaten in one or two times a week when I lived in the city and worked in the burbs. So 20 years of orders. And I didn’t even ding them on Yelp. Even if I had . . . ??? Now it’s never again for no good reason


This is probably a terrible idea, but I would call them out on Yelp by posting about your recent experience, as a warning to others. You know the restaurant reads the site. And if nothing else, people should know that the restaurant does this kind of petty stuff, and to people who don’t even deserve it!


I actually did that last night. No more cheesesteaks for me. But at least I know I won’t be enabling an entitled owner?


There are no winners here. You lose a restaurant; they lose a customer - maybe more than one. The manager is also an idiot, if she thinks there’s only Kim G in the area. You’re not Kim Gordon, are you? If you are, please be my friend.


True story . . . I worked with a woman who was getting married. She sent an invitation to Kim G______ in the 19111 zip code assuming it was me. Every time she mentioned the wedding she was disappointed I was not more enthusiastic. I thought it was strange she was building up a wedding to which I had not been invited. Yep, lots of Kim Gs in the area.

agree, sad on many levels


I need to know how this story ends. Did you go to the wedding?

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Yes. The bride realized her mistake after I mentioned I hadn’t received an invite. The wedding was beautiful and they are still together all these years later.


Whew! Fairytale ending.

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Strike one . Your out .!!! . Never to return.

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YELP prohibits businesses from soliciting favorable reviews as it undermines YELP’S trustworthiness. Likewise, taking adverse action against a reviewer accomplishes the same violation of trustworthiness. Particularly when it’s aimed at the wrong reviewer.

I encourage you to contact YELP Support to explain (1) this business’s practice of refusing service for using YELP and (2) you are being wrongfully targeted for a review you did not make.

YELP has moderators to advocate for both businesses and YELP users where conduct violates YELP policies.

Additionally, you might consider filing a report with the Better Business Bureau.


Good suggestions @Respectfully_Declined I’ll contact YELP, but probably won’t go as as far as to involve BBB. Especially since I would never order from there again (I don’t want somebody with a grudge preparing my food :wink:


I explained the situation to YELP, but have not yet heard back (okay, it’s only been hours).

The burbs of Philly are confusing, but the Kim G who left a review does not reside in the same location as the Kim G who had been a loyal customer :confounded:

But as I said. I would never order food from a spot that holds a grudge :nauseated_face:

ETA: To add fuel to the fire I sent a link to this thread. SMH.


It’s clearly a case of mistaken identity.

Don’t think I would return after posting a bad review. Sorry this situation leaves a bad taste in your mouth but it’s probably best to move on.


Yep, their menu is now in my trashcan. I feel bad for the delivery guy who I kinda’ got to know and the counter girls who I did get to know.


My wife retained her maiden name for professional reasons. Fast forward we are married a good 5+ years when we receive an invitation to our nephews communion (or something similar it’s 20 years ago). This was her brother and his wife, my wife comes from a close knit Italian family. Every Sunday the family gathered for dinner together, every holiday etc. They surely knew me and the fact we had different last names. The invitation comes (in the sister in law’s handwriting) to us addressed Mr & Mrs Xxxxxxx (my wife’s last name not mine).

I didn’t attend. (no joke)

(for the record 5 years later she was caught having an affair and they are long divorced. She was trouble from day one, everyone knew it, I just wasn’t playing her stupid games)

The weird thing was I was not married. There were two Kims with identical last G names in the same zip code (I suspect in a city the size of Philly there were probably more as my last name is not common, but not uncommon . . . ). When I Google myself I find hundreds of hits, none of which are me.

On the plus side, I ordered from a new place last night. The cheesesteak was good (but not as good) but the fries were much better. Wow I order cheesesteak and fries way too often :thinking:


All’s well that ends well!

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You didn’t go 'cause you got called by the wrong surname? Or for some other reason? Just curious, not judging. 'Cause I get called Mrs. Partner’s-Last-Name fairly often, and we’re not even married. It’s worth a shrug to me, nothing more.

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H had the same name wrong person problem some 15+ years ago. He wanted to change telephone operator, and got rejected. He contacted the operator and was informed he had a very bad bank record, which was not the case. He contacted the bank, was told that in order to clear this up quickly, he needed to go in person to the central bank here, if not, all records would be renewed only like once a year. How his name got mixed up with the other guy in the region, which we found on a white page, was still a mystery to us.

Once the name is entered into the system as bad record, it can be inferno. I hope your problem is only limited to this restaurant.

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