YELP weirdness/Denial of Service

You are called that by immediate family members? Literally your significant other’s siblings calls you by his last name knowing you aren’t married??

I added the last part of their eventual divorce due to her infidelity because she was a nut-job. She had serious problems and intentionally (or not) would always be the antagonist In family drama.

So after 7 + years being married being a bridesmaid in my wedding and you don’t know my name, nor the actual family name of my children?? Sorry I’m not playing that game with you, sorry (this was just one of many things she would do and at that point I had enough of her to be quite honest)


I’m curious as well. My mother’s partner is called Mr. HerSurname by some people in their village and thankfully, he doesn’t mind or see it as hostility on anyone’s part.

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Your story brings a couple of memories to mind. My husband’s first name/last name combination is somewhat common in the US. We were once hounded by a debt collector, who was desperate/hopeful that they’d located a debtor by the same name.

In the town where we now live, someone from the historical society was delighted to think that they’d found a long lost descendant of a family with deep roots in our town.

They had the wrong person in both cases.

The debt collector was quite angry and tried to demand that we knew the debtor. Beyond irrational! I suppose that some people can’t give up on the idea that they’re right when it comes to cases of mistaken identity.


Well, no, but his siblings are one half-sister whom he doesn’t know very well. I’ve never even met her. But it sounds like you’re responding to the hostility, and misnaming you is just one part of that. No one (that I’m aware of) misnames me out of anything but ignorance or forgetfulness.

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Exactly when I meet a professional colleague of my wife’s and they respond by saying: Hello Mr (insert her last name) I won’t stand there and correct them, no big deal. But when someone has been an active member of your immediate family, then there is something else at play there. I don’t play those games.

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I get it now.

IRL Mr Bean and I have different last names. Sometimes if we run into some one who is primarily my acquaintance he may get called Mr My Last Name. He usually shrugs it off as do I when the reverse happens. But when he’s being feisty he may correct the person with a polite “that’s DR My last name”.

When someone calls me MRS My Last Name I know immediately they don’t know me and I probably don’t want to know them.


( you will have to tell me the last names next time he attends a HO-down and I will relentlessly call him by your last name. lol)


I can’t wait for a next HO down!

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Apparently my last name is A**hole. :man_shrugging:t3:

I never married, so my surname is what it is. But I don’t get too hung up on what people call me,

At my first “real” job (i.e., after college) the woman at the desk next to me called me Susan, introduced me as Susan to others, etc. We quickly became friendly . . . going out to lunch, sharing smoke breaks, etc. A few months in she confronted me about her calling me Susan when my name was Kim. I told her no worries, I knew to whom she was referring and I was now used to answering to Susan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still refer to the married women I have known since I was young by their maiden names (though I do not call their husbands by those names ). And my BILs refer to my sisters and me as the "G______ girls) although none of my sisters have been G______s in decades.

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I get that the review wasn’t yours. What’s missing here is that a good business would learn from bad reviews and use them as an opportunity for improvement. Yelp provides the opportunity for businesses to respond.


Sometimes there is nothing in a 1-star review to work from. It could be malicious (given by a competitor or a competitor’s friend), or it could just be so vague as to be useless. In fact, 2- or 3- star reviews are usually more informative.


True. One of the shortfalls of Yelp is that reviewers don’t use the Yelp guidance on what the stars mean.

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