Yard sale tube pans

I got these three tube pans (real cheap!) and was wondering if I can bake in them or if I’m better off using them for things like Jello. They’re fairly thin aluminum.

Tube pans


They look l like molds instead of baking pans (and your description of thin aluminum would match that.

That being said … I’m not sure there is a reason not to try baking in them if you wanted to …

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Off topic….nice stove!

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Thank you- it’s far and away the nicest one I’ve ever had, but I have to admit that it’s kind of a pain in the arse to clean, like cleaning a casserole that you can’t turn upside down to rinse.

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Maybe I’ll just go buy a bunch of jello… in case the cake thing doesn’t turn out

Ooh nice!

You can bake, but I’d reduce the baking temp - combination of aluminum and thin. And coat well.

My mom baked in these kind of thin aluminum pans (which were the only option) when I was growing up.


Let’s hear it for Google- I just found this

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A hack I saw with pans like this (though you need one that has a narrower hole in the middle and a longer cylinder tube in the middle) is using something like this to roast chickens or other birds vertically in your oven. It will produce better crisped skin all around, and the ring can catch drippings placed on a tray for the hole in the middle, of course). I’m not a baker, so when I see thee, I think about roasting birds - haha.


Yes, I roast chickens in an angel food cake pan. I cover the tube hole with a metal cap from a spice jar, so no lost juices. Also, I jam the bird onto the tube neck side down. That way, the juices from the fattier meat on the legs bastes the breasts, which are protected from cooking faster than the legs because the sides of the cake pan help retain moisture and shield the breasts from direct heat.


I was just thinking that it would make more sense to vertically roast poultry neck down so the breast isn’t so high and dry. Then I reread your post and saw that’s what you actually did.
Never occurred to me to use a tube pan, but I may try it- interesting hack!

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