“ YAN’S KITCHEN, West Pearce, Richmond Hill “ - Hooray!! Toronto’s protracted ‘praise-worthy‘ Shanghainese Cuisine drought is finally over!!

From a foodie’s perspective, the one single glaring gaping hole within our GTA Chinese culinary landscape is the absence of note-worthy, commendable, authentic Shanghainese Cuisine…….until now! This evening’s exceptional and memorable meal not only managed to fill up our city’s ‘Shanghainese Cuisine void’. The stand-out menu, featuring some scarce, authentic
old-school offerings easily fulfilled my long overdue craving and more. Not since the now defunct ‘Sika Deer‘ on Finch and Midland has there been the emergence of such a traditional Shanghainese establishment, whipping up arrays of well executed, genuine Shanghainese fare!

Just their simple and heavenly good Xiao Long Bao soup dumpling alone deserves unceasing kudos and accolades. Never have I encountered such delicious and umami packed elixir of a soup dumpling broth outside of the Orient! The remaining delicately seasoned and packed pork filling plus the translucently thin pocket combined to create, IMHO, the BEST XLB in the GTA!

Other authentic and traditional dishes our party ordered included:

  • Deep Fried Aromatic and Crispy Duck ( Chinese rendition of Duck Confit….but way more flavorful! A truly finger-licking-good ‘Duck’ experience! )
  • Stir fried Snake-Head Fish with Black Fungus in fermented rice/wine sauce ( Delicate, perfectly cooked fish with attractive aromatic and slightly sweet fermented rice essence )
  • Shanghai Style Oil Poached Shrimp. ( Subtle and delectable. The shrimp unbelievably crunchy and sweet. )
  • Braised Bamboo shoot in seasoned oil ( A classic Shanghainese vegetable dish done well )
  • Water, Pan-fried crispy bottom Buns with Crab and Pork filling ( Piping hot, so, eat with care! Tasty and delightful. Oozing with delicious broth. )
  • Hearing the lady chef owner was an accomplished Chinese dessert chef from Suzhou, China. We finished our meal with a Dessert platter of various mochis and cakes, the stand out being the one with hand made organic red-bean paste filling! A rarity and sooo good!

With the delectable food well exceeded our expectation and our party touching only the tip of a vast ‘menu iceberg‘. This is one establishment that for sure, we will have numerous returns!

On the surface, the menu pricing for most dishes seemed to be on the highside. However, for the quality, authenticity, rarity and deliciousness of the food. Paying a premium to savor such a culinary experience in the GTA is IMHO, well worth it!

Lastly, our super friendly and attentive lady server ‘ Cindy ‘ deserves a special mention. Despite a packed and full house by 6.30 pm, she never missed a beat and provided us with unwavering help and attention!


What a fun eating adventure!

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Do you happen to know where they sourced those small shrimps from? Don’t see those very often outside of Asia. Or if I see them they aren’t very good.

What’s the green and pink dessert? Both mochis?

No idea!
Combination of trade secret sourcing of the right shrimps plus chef’s skill to create such delightful crunchy texture?!
Green ’ bulbs ’ were mochis with home made organic red bean paste filling. Pink one also mochi with a touch of rose petal fragrant.


you mean these?

At least at the retail level, we can get them down here in SoCal in the freezer section at Ranch 99 / Tawa.

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The Canadian shrimp from the north and shrimp from the north Atlantic shrimp are often around that size, too. Used for Scandinavian shrimp sandwiches.

Authentic rendition of this dish, if eaten in places of origin like Shanghai or more refined dining establishments elsewhere in the Orient…etc. To achieve the right texture and taste profile, ONLY fresh water river shrimps and NOT seawater ocean shrimps will be used.
In fact, it is usual for reputed restaurants to actually point out this fact on the menu!



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You say it’s “finally over” but IIRC this restaurant has been around since before the pandemic. I recall going there many (5?) years ago and it was decent and authentic but, unless they’ve improved lately, I don’t think they ended the drought by any stretch. :thinking:

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Where, in your opinion, can you find better and more authentic Shanghainese food in the GTA?!
Yes, they opened 4 years ago but I never rated food quality of a restaurant during the pandemic, which were all take outs and usually did not travel well!..imagine crispy potstickers spending half an hour in the car?!

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I’m okay with that :smile:

I eat leftover dim sum, and I drive dim sum 3 h from Toronto to London.

You do what you’ve got to do!

Doesn’t London have good dim sum? There was a spot I went to when I lived there in the 80’s (can’t remember the name) that had excellent dim sum. I figured if there was that kind of quality then, there must be some fabulous places now.


The good places went out of business. London had great dim sum from around 1990-2010 (Blossom, Wonderland Gardens and Ken’s, RIP).

The owners of the good dim sum restaurants from 30 years ago were Cantonese and they have retired, and their kids have become doctors, lawyers, scientists and other professionals.

Many of the newcomers are from Mainland China. Mainland Chinese cooking has been getting better in London as the community becomes more diverse. But their speciality is not dim sum, which is more Canto-HK in origin.


Ah, ok, I can see that. Too bad, because the food I remember was really, really good.

Lol ipse, I wrote something almost identical on Reddit recently. In fact, I wrote that. I got the name wrong for the restaurant at Wonderland Corners. Similar to Wonderland Gardens, but slightly different . :smile: Wonderland Gardens is the name of the event venue that was located at Wonderland and Springbank.

It came to me as I was making dinner. Mandarin Court was the restaurant on Wonderland Rd N that had good dim sum in the 90s.

Oh, that’s you? :rofl:

I’m on that reddit thread too.

As an aside, we were trying to scout locations in London for a potential restaurant, and it was a dead end after dead end.


Sad times for Cantonese food in London right now.

Quite a few new Indian Hakka options, which I’ve started to try, and some new Szechuan restaurants.

I don’t know where people would host a Chinese banquet in London these days.