Yakitori grill - I consider buying a small sized one - anyone with knowledge to share ?

I consider getting a small Yakitori grill.

Is there anyone who owns one or has experience using one, either at home or in a professional kitchen ?

Can you use it for rib eye steaks or only for smaller cuts ?

It’s recommended to use the japanese sumi binco coal for it, as this produces less smoke in the kitchen.


Is this for indoor use? If so, I hope you have good ventilation in your home.


I agree. You definitely need a good fan and ventilation with these ‘indoor’ grills.

Yes, these Yakitori grills are for indoor use, but mostly aimed at (larger well ventilated) professional kitchens.

Many of the newer Michelin star kitchens have a Yakitori grill in their kitchen. I see them pretty much in all the Danish and in a lot of the German and Nordic higher end restaurant kitchens.

I thought you were asking for home use, I wasn’t aware that you are working in a Michelin restaurant kitchen. Then ventilation should not be an issue at all.

Looking good Claus. I only have an LPG/gas grill at the moment, but sometimes miss the flavor from coals.


I was and I am.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to visit some of the higher end restaurant kitchens and also seen video footage from many of the Michelin star kitchens in Northern Europe and this type of grill is very popular in these type of kitchens.

Btw I don’t know if you’re full of sarcasm/irony, but where the actual f#ck do I mention, that I work in a Michelin restaurant kitchen ?

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I clearly misread.

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I’d venture that the size you pictured can be used for steak in addition to the yakitori skewers, but as I’m sure you know, binchotan burns very hot, so it may take some adjustment for a whole steak vs pieces threaded on a skewer.

We got a folding tabletop grill for yakitori with binchotan during the pandemic. Used it for wagyu among other things. But it was a much better outcome to slice the wagyu thin first than to grill a whole steak, and at that point it was questionable whether we really needed the special setup (it was purchased in the spirit of experimentation of the time, not need :joy:).

Have you considered one of the Korean tabletop setups? They’re smaller and might be better suited for only occasional use in a home setting.

Another option is something coal-less like the zojirushi electric (they have a standalone grill as well as a hotpot cum grill setup with interchangeable inserts). But I get that there may be a flavor difference.

What else do you want to grill on it and how often do you anticipate using it?

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Never used one. What grill do you currently use?

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Hi Saregama,

I plan to use it for steaks, shish kebab (chicken, lamb, veal & vegetables) and for smaller pieces of sliced meat.

Hi Damiano,

I don’t currently own a grill as I live in a condo in Copenhagen. I don’t know how much smoke and odour this type of Yakitori grill will produce.

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I’ve been looking at those, as well. Will be interested to see opinions from anyone who has this type of grill.

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So far no one in here seems to own one unfortunately :worried:

There is a post on FTC-cooking thread of somebody who seems to use the grill - you might want to ask

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Actually, I have one but have only used it outside. Did mostly skewered foods and used WickedGood Charcoal that was for our Big Green Eggs. Haven’t used it for quite a while, might resurrect from the garage resting place!

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I can only imagine how much smoke it creates.

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But the grill itself is not so different from any other typical (open) grill I believe? Apart of course from having the perfect dimensions to grill yakitori. I have a cheapo 90 euro Weber which also has an air inlet, but is round instead of square. It does have a lid.

As for what you can grill on it, as it long as it fits (or how often you’re willing to turn food around) anything goes I’d say.

As always what coals you use is very important, this also goes for my Weber. I use good quality coal at 22 euro per 10 kilogram (so not the esoteric stuff but better than supermarket coals) and I am very happy with the quality.

Do you want this because of the no smoke indoor promise? Or because the grill has some inherent quality that will improve the flavour of your dishes?

Not a lot at all! Depends on what you are cooking obviously, shrimp, veggies, pretty much nada. Have not done sliced meat but rather chunks, so smoke was very limited.

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That’s great! My one experience cooking with a yakitori grill was at some place in the city whose name I don’t recall*. You cooked your food at the table. Fun & delicious, but we all absolutely reeked of smoke and food leaving.



This is what I have which is called a Konro grill, medium sized. I used binchotan charcoal originally but switched to Wicked Good when I ran out. Since I have neither at the moment, I might get some more of the binchotan.