Xi'an Famous Foods Becoming a Dumpling Spt (Manhattan, NY)

Many people have known Xi’an Famous Foods for its Chinese Xi’an local small dishes, particularly the LiangPi (凉皮) noodle . Now, it has converted the Manhattan Chinatown store focusing on dumplings and getting away from the previous menu.

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Have you tried them?

Nah. I saw it yesterday, but I was full already. I may try it next time. I am hoping that others may have tried or want to try.

I hope it’s good, because I really miss Prosperity Dumpling. I don’t think that any of the others around can compare to Prosperity.

Shouldn’t this be in the NYC board?

Oh, I thought I put it in NYC board. Where did you think I put it?

I was also seeing it in New York/Connecticut (which is NY except forNYC). Maybe it was in both? It doesn’t seem to be there now.

Thanks. I think you are right. I made the mistake of posting there. The moderator moved it here now. Yeah, I guess I just didn’t think of NYC has its own board. I saw New York/Connecticut and just posted without looking for more.

This is why I think San Francisco should be separated from California.

Can’t remember where i read this but apparently the dad opened this dumpling place without the son’s knowledge…! hahahaha. The dumpling space is the smaller spot and xian is moving over to the larger space the dumpling spot started in was my understanding.
I’m not in the area much so i haven’t tried it-although i do like those spinach dumplings at xian (they have a thicker skin but i’m weird and like that chewy texture they have)

Aha, it was here on eater

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Oh my. I have seen the “Qin Ling” store, if I remember right. It looks like a dumplings/noodle store. Not very busy. Oh well, I guess they are now finally testing the dumplings idea in the center of Chinatown. I walked in there (the Dumpling Spot). There seem to be some people, but not as busy as before. We will see how this will turn out in the next coming month.

No wonder it did feel very much “out of the blue”

I decided some time ago that Xi’an Famous Foods is just too salty, even for the days when I’m cheating on my low-salt, low-carb diet. But that’s OK: More for you!

Interesting that you say that about salty. I hate excess salt. I don’t have to worry about it for health reasons, but just don’t like too much. Too many chefs become over tolerant to salt and use too much in their food prep. I have been going to Xi’an Famous Foods since way before they became known. Before an old friend took Bourdain, Zimmern, and other celebrity foods personalities and writers there and it became “famous”. I have never found the food excessively salty. Yes there is salt, but the style of food has a lot of salt preserved ingredients. But not too the point where the salt bothered me in the slightest.

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Yeah, but I don’t think Xi’an Famous Foods is any saltier than Szechuan food in general. I think sometime you can have the same amount of salt, and other ingredients can make you feel more or less salty.

I’m glad to see that David Shi hasn’t been cooped up in XFF’s comissary as I’ve heard. Although Jason gets all the press, his dad’s cooking genius is behind it all. I was ecstatic about his Golden Mall stall and blogging about it when his kid was still in college. The recipes were all his, and whenever he was present he would always have his hands (or his chopsticks ) on the cooking.

I need to get in touch with David Shi and tell him the next time he gets restless he can come to San Francico and open a XFF clone!

I agree with this. Perhaps they got relatively saltier over time. I’m basing this on the St Marks branch.

I will give that one a try one day. Unfortunately, whenever I am there, I end up eating Japanese.

Where do you like to go in the East Village?

I am still not an expert there, but I like Ramen Setagaya which I found the lighter broth to be refreshing. It is lighter, but it does not feel watered down. I also like Chan An. Hasaki seems alright.
Any recommendation?

I haven’t been to Setagaya in ages. I don’t know the other places, either. Sure I have recommendations, but what kinds of places are you looking for?

Well, as you remember, I said that dumpling place didn’t have many customers two weeks ago. Well, it is closed now. Talk about a poor business model. I didn’t want to say too much bad things two weeks ago, but it just didn’t seem to generate any interest.

Anyway, a new Xi’an restaurant (not the dumpling) has opened up on the same street. More spacious – about twice as large if not larger. Bright and clean looking. Same menu, not the dumpling menu. Quite a bit of customers, but not as crowded.


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