Wow! No Top Chef Restaurant Wars Part 1 Rerun

I was looking forward to a Top Chef double header tonight. I wanted to re-see Restaurant Wars part 1 and Bravo isn’t rebroadcasting last week’s episode like they usually do. I know, I can go on demand. I haven’t kept up with all of this season’s Top Chef postings - is this the last season?? Moving it around on the schedule and now this - seems like the kiss of death.

They are casting for next season, so it’s not over yet. Glad I saw part 1 last week.

They do re-runs Saturday morning, and sometimes the odd weeknight too. I would keep your eyes peeled for Bravo schedule. Knowing them, I’m sure that show will be aired at least another 2-10x before they move on to repeating other shows ad nauseum.

I wonder why no one is talking about it here…

I recapped a couple of episodes, but . . .

They couldn’t live up to LindaWhit’s comprehensive recaps
I don’t watch the episodes until the next day (though I guess a late recap is better than none)
They didn’t generate much interest/discussion and so didn’t seem worth the trouble

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Thanks, gaffk. I did contribute to your recaps, but I agree - they didn’t seem to generate a lot of interest here on HO.

There’s not an awful lot of conversation about TC over on CH either. The TC world is not coping well with your retirement LW. I remember when there were literally hundreds of posts for each episode.


They did rock and roll at times, didn’t they?


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