I have been MIA because I am about to change jobs, so I have not been keeping up. I just checked after posting that last post and discovered that there hasn’t been any.

I know. No one’s talking about it anymore. I would…

There are threads for each TC episode on Chowhound, but they don’t generate much discussion (the 2 restaurant war episodes have 16 and 22 posts, and I think they are season highs). And there are no recaps like LW produced; the thread usually starts with a link to a Bravo blog.

Congrats on the new job!

We did have a couple threads here, including a single LCK discussion thread, but I think the threads for the actual TC episodes died off after Ep. #3.

Thanks, it kind of fell on my lap. Old company is going through the death knells.

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Yes, but I check CH occasionally. The boards I frequented have nearly zero activity if I’m searching correctly.

Regional - Texas, UK, NYC

Can you share the link?

Edit: ok, nvm, I suppose this is the one:

  1. Yes
  2. No, about equal time
  3. Right now I’d say the “cooking” section here but I’d like my regional board to have a bit more action (one day! I wish!). On chowhound I’m almost exclusively on my regional board (I sometime roam the cocktail board but very rarely). The new structure of chowhound is hell to navigate so I stick with the categories I had pre-change. has some interesting statistics:

oh. no can upload .jpg?

well. goto and enter then reset graph to Month.

boardreader disavows all links, any like I post gets refused as a “bot”

  1. Yes. But I only posted on CH infrequently for about a year. I was really keen on egullet (as ingridsf) until the moderating changed around 2006.

  2. Nope, not much interest in CH. It feels like a supermarket ad circular with a shrinking listserv tacked onto it.

  3. Regional (Bay Area), eating, media. Also posts that walk that razor’s edge between etiquette and True Crime fiction (ROZ!!!)


There were also articles in Seattle, SF and Boston publications iirc.

Every time I read the Leff take on the CH changes I just shake my head in wonderment: “Die-hard Chowhounds have made do amid duress since the dawn of the site,” says Leff, the Chowhound co-founder. “Bad interfaces can be helpful; they filter out the Olive Garden set. The emigrés will make room for new blood, fresh perspectives and a new crop of chow tips. A bit of churn in a nearly 20-year-old online community might be a good thing.”

I guess there’s no way to make changes in a way that preserves the best of existing experiences while achieving the goals required by the change. At least not on CH. I think, though, it seems to be a very subjective thing that winds up being measured very objectively… if you get my POV.

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I’ve never been this late to a party than I am to this one. Here’s hoping everyone hasn’t gone home.

  • Yes
  • Yes, but… I still read & contribute to COTM, Menu Plans, & Cookbook threads. I prefer being here.
  • Home Cooking/Boston/New England/ a few international boards.
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I understand how he could well be wedded to the site he founded and want to defend it, but boy oh boy is “Bad interfaces can be helpful; they filter out the Olive Garden set” a snotty, codescending thing to ay


I particularly enjoyed this. Classic pretentious tosh from the man - much in line with the truly awful “Chowhound manifesto”.

As someone who has eaten at Olive Gardens and enjoyed the food, I’m only assuming, by the context, that Leff intends this as an insult towards people like me. He really is a complete arsewipe.


Leff got pretty desperate in defending what was left of his Site this past fall. He told the remnants how they were better off with the “mini-celebs” leaving. Quite funny, considering, as the original Kim K he was using his “celebrity” status to lend authority to the assertion.

His beard metaphor - shave it and it grows back thicker - was so wrong, that I thought he meant it with a tongue-in-cheek irony at first. When Jim kept repeating it, I realized he actually meant it. Facts concerning human facial hair growth be damned, I guess.


And this is what he got called on the carpet about. The condescension of putting down the very people who helped his site survive through the lean years was the biggest Eff You I’ve seen (including Georges and Marcy’s comments on the site change).

VERY good analogy. And one he couldn’t refute. There’s a point where even he has to realize the site sucks now due to the mini-celebs and droves of non-celebs who left the site. He’s just going to realize it WAY later than those who left the building way before he eventually does.

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  1. Yes, but I spent less and less time there.
  2. First visit to this site.
  3. Home Cooking. But I liked being able to get regional tips when traveling, and cookware and other topics in CH were useful. Also I enjoyed Supertaster videos and was sad when he was canned.
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